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by -Raiin

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I need to get Bloop Xtra again, I am so not used to seeing adds on here, it kind of irritates me.

He just left, he spend the night, and I slept better than I ever do.
We were talking about what exactly I consider "us"
I told him I consider it dating, and that when I am dating a guy seriously I don't date other men.
Of course that's not true, I have dated multiple men at once before, not to sound like a whore.

But than I feel so strongly for him, I don't know why!!
I mean seriously, today I have known him two weeks.
Two weeks! It feels weird, but with him I actually feel something back in return, like he wants to be with me and he feels there is something there as well.

He tells all his work friends about me, so why am I supposed to believe otherwise?
Maybe he just rushes things? I never rush things, typically I would be going on my second date now, and I feel like we have known each other for months.

i guess I just need to be careful.

I need to start reading around and getting some favorites.

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