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by br!na

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$aving money

Hey you guys!! So, is anyone else addicted to pinterest? I've had an account there now for a couple of months. But just recently starting paying attention to it! I love the boards with ideas to save you money!! I got a recipe for laundry detergent today. It costs $6 to make enough detergent for 576 loads!! I also made my own heavy duty floor cleaner today! And I'm super excited to use it!

Since my best friend, Joice and her 2 yr old daughter, Kiera are living with us, I've found some awesome activities to use with Kiera. I babysit her all day while Joice works two jobs. And she can get a little antsy. Especially with it being too cold to go outside! So these activities are wonderful for us!!

So, i was just wondering if anyone else is addicted to this site. amd what your fave parts are!!
Have a good night bloop!


previous entry: I think I'm still here, barely holding on..

next entry: Because no matter how slow you're going....

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I JUST joined last night, and I've been busily building my own boards for the last 24 hours. I think I may slow down soon on that and find out how ELSE the place works.

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You should check out, it's the same principle but a better interface, proper credit to the originators of where the images come from, and terms that do not put all copyright blame onto users (users have some serious legal fallout potential based on pinterest's terms).

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You're welcome =) Most people don't realize it, because most don't pay all that close of attention to terms on sites (I mean come on, behave yourself and you're pretty much set, so why bother with their walls of legalese text?? heh). But if you do a search, you can find lots of blog posts & articles from a bunch of months ago where people started to really think about what their terms meant when applied, and realized just how screwed the users could be if anyone decided they really had a problem with their stuff on pinterest. The company made sure that it wouldn't be them in trouble for it, that it's entirely on the users. Not only who first added it, but also anyone who reshares it. It's ridiculous! So founded themselves on being the proper-principled version of pinterest, essentially, haha. The staff there is great, and they even sent me a free shirt when I was having some issues with it and having to msg with the girl back & forth a handful to get things working, lol. It's a great site

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