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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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The end of the beginning of the end of the beginning


Today I am fighting off a cold of some sort, but feeling a bit better overall. It is a strange sunny day before an incoming frozen storm, streets filled with violence and sky filled with light. Today an asteroid passed near the earth, scientists indicated it would miss us. If an asteroid were about to directly strike the earth and destroy it do you think they would tell us that?

"well gents, we've had a good run, but this is it. Bruce Willis tried to get up there with a big power drill but their ship exploded, someone dropped a junior mint in the engine. So I don't know about you, but I'm off to get drunk. Over to Dan with the weather."

With the closing of the Mayan Calendar cycle apocalyptic theories are once again abound in American culture at least. Will we finally launch those atom bombs? Will ravenous plodding zombies come to devour all the overeating zombies watching television? Will California fall into the ocean and Tom Cruise lose his hair? Probably not, but as long as there are those who believe these things will occur the market will try to sell them shit. It is the American way. Bomb shelters, freeze dried food. Mobile first aide kits. Electric generators. Water purification systems. Automatic zombie traps. (Ok that one is pretty cool, would keep the Jehova's Witnesses away).

I had a dream once where the earth fell from the sun's orbit and off into space, sun and stars careening past the sky as the planet spun away, wind blue, buildings fell. I had a dream where I fell in love and woke up hurt that it was not real. I had a dream that everyone got remote controls surgically implanted in their arms and controlled the city in an anti-depressant haze. I had a dream that all the banks exploded one night and the city danced in the morning on their ashes. I had a dream about spaghetti and M&Ms for breakfast.

Lee used to say that humanity in the long-term will either destroy itsself or become like gods. I think years in the future the earth will be crushed by a massive alcoholic woman complaining that we are 3 billion years behind in rent. Yep. We're doomed.

Every end is a beginning. Every beginning has an end. Do what makes you feel alive, the rest is just background noise. Love, love, love.

previous entry: NOMOJOMOMONOMO - 8 - Pivotal Schmivotal

next entry: Strange Things are afoot at the Circle K

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I find it interesting that the meteor just missed us and now, as of tomorrow, we're having our first nationwide media test (or whatever the big name for it is). I would think this is something that could have been created a long time ago.

My theory is not that the world will "end" ..but rather we are heading into a new beginning that has already started.. (for I believe that every end is just a new beginning) where people start "waking up." I think there will be a lot of confusion and a lot of anger and craziness from the process. Hence why it will seem like "the end of the world." I also believe the world/universe is shifting..much like we will shift.. generally everything important can be applied universally.

Have you ever noticed that Nature tells us how to deal with life? [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]