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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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It's a Miracle! Or a cricket.


Prompt -
If you woke up tomorrow and a miracle had happened over night what would that look like? What would be different in your life?

This is a rather open-ended prompt. The dictionary describes a miracle as an event or affect that is ascribed to a supernatural cause. Do we get to choose the miracle?

One day everyone woke up to a miracle. A Mexican woman found a silhouette of either Jesus or Osama Bin Laden on her pancakes at breakfast. It rained flowers in New York and everyone suddenly realized how similar they are to one another. Those who were sick were suddenly well. The unemployed suddenly found work. Those in poverty had money and safety. The homeless had homes and the wanderers could wander, and all the hungry people woke up to endless supplies of food outside their door. Bubblegum could suddenly mend broken hearts. Pollution left the air and water and the earth was again young and vibrant. The soldiers came home and all the armies disbanded. The cold learned to care, the hopeless to hope, the angry to forgive. E was better, Julian was happy, and I learned to make peace with my place in the world. It was a beautiful day.

The next morning a suicide bomber struck a building, the stock market lost 400 points, fresh wars erupted in Sudan, and the Jersey Shore was renewed for another season. But we had something there, just for a moment...

previous entry: A day in the day of a day

next entry: C in Me


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