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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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A day in the day of a day


This weekend I painted with Spiritcage again. Our styles are different but he has rededicated himself to art in the last year and improved greatly, I have learned much working with him. Today the rains came, falling on fields, falling on train rust and schizophrenics and forgotten gods. I like living in a place where the weather changes a lot. If I lived in the desert I would miss the rain.

Today the NOJOMO prompt is to take pictures of a day in the life of you. I did not bring a camera around, perhaps will get to this another time. Today I woke up late, the alarm clock spit silent static that took 45 minutes to wake me. I rushed to get Julian ready, took him to school, went to work, ate lunch at my desk, got E food during my breaks, took Julian to daycare during my real lunch and came back to work.

Tonight I will finish working and go straight over to pick up Julian, purchase a pizza, eat then help Julian with his homework, get Julian settled into bed, bring food to E in bed again, do the dishes, do a load of laundry, scoop the cat boxes, exercise for 15 minutes, take a shower, pass out in bed, then get up and repeat the process again. On weekdays that is my life.

I wonder how life became so difficult, where my free time went. Where did I go wrong? I miss being around different people and yet also miss having the time to be alone. However, I should not dwell on those issues. Everyone has their blues, their hard luck story. What is yours? There are people in the world with brain tumors, there are people under the gun of warlords who kill at a whim. In safety there is no room for true suffering, only whining.

Today I walked onto the roof outside my office window and watch the trees claw at the grey sky. I blow bubbles off the rooftop as night falls, watching wild dogs attach pedestrians and the local homeless smoke pass a joint around a fire in a vacant lot. There are moments of piece and there are moments of joy. There are moments of despair and moments of exhaustion. That is my day right now, but things will change in time. They always do.

previous entry: NOJOMO 14, Cowboy immortals and Alien Indians

next entry: It's a Miracle! Or a cricket.


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