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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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Show me the way,


Today sucked,
Jay didn't get paid,
We had to firetruck around at centerlink,
But on the upside I bought a corset,
Saw my friends,

I am mad at Tobi,
I just want this all over,
Once Jay and I have tied up all our loose ends we can get engaged pack our bags,
Tell our oppinionated family's to get lost and flea the state.
I will finally be able to be me,
No more nagging no more worrying about nev turning up and ripping me apart.
No more worries no more burdends.
If I stay I will lose my sanity.
This is not the life I chose,

I don't need everyone looking down on me for my choices making a tally up of all my mistakes and keeping them for when I do something wrong.
I may not of chose to be born, I may not of chosen to live.
But I am here now.
I have Jay, he's my real family.
So is momo.
They care and not in some twisted way.
There are no conditions, they won't abandon me if I mess up.
They follow me when I run.
They don't laugh at me or judge.
They are the ones I care about.
I am only loyal to them.

Jay will protect me from the pain people try to conflict on me now.
I know he won't run I tested him.
I have pushed and pushed I have left and come back I have broken him so many times but he stays.
He keeps it together for me because he knows he is my shield.
Without him last night could of been worse.
My floor is still covered in blood from the phychotic episode after the flash back.

He held me he told me it would be ok and it was.

previous entry: Dobby will be a free elf.

next entry: When I die..

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Aw honey..I just hate it when people don't have their family to rely on. I am one of those people..just like you. I know how it feels, but I am glad you have others to hold you up when times are hard.

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