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Always Piney's Diary
by Always Piney

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Dobby will be a free elf.


When you hand me that sock, I will be free from all this nonsense but bound to you.
When you hand me that sock I will be within debt to you forever Harry Potter.
I will do what ever you need Harry Potter.

Because you freed me, Dobby the house elf.
I am now bound to you Harry Potter.
Forever loyal to the boy who lived.

I no longer have to worry about the house work or the chores.
I can choose where I go.
As I am now a free elf.

- This is not about what you think it's about, this is about Jay and I but I didn't feel comfortable writing it in any other way here I wonder if anyone can disipher it.

previous entry: and it's a survey

next entry: Show me the way,

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ryn: I don't know what my cat was in another life but I wouldn't be surprised if he was a dog in another life, due to him having to eat or trying EVERYTHING I happen to be eating LOL, as you had seen him eating kraft dinner on video.

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