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Crixus's Diary
by Crixus

previous entry: Dealing with the Alpha Male Of the Group

The way of the wing man.


Have been talking lots of Innger Game lately. Now both of us with girlfriends it's been hard to go out of Nights of Epic.
So Sat night we headed out, for drink and just pure fun. Was meeting Smiles afterwards when she had finished her girls night out.

Went to our old hunting ground for kicks, where Vega now has VIP. Skipped the line and entry fee. Straight out great energy, no game plan. Pure natural frame.
We got drinks, and stood watching the dance floor.

Noticed a girl look our way and smiled,

Vega pointed her out, "I like that". Out of pure habit I looked around for her friends to see what I would be dealing with. A brunette with Converse Sneakers, hot pants. She stood out more that her friend to be honest. We hadn't been out hunting in ages so for fun we decided to run some game.

"I got her friend" I said and...

Bang, went in. On the dance floor and everything (Dance floor is usually the worst place to pick up unless you run "dancefloor game" which is lame)

I walk up to the girl in Sneakers.

"Hi" Smile, grab her hand as I keep walking.
"Hi" She smiles back, I don't stop to talk, I keep walking.

We do our thing, talk to other people, get attention from a cougar. Eventually end up close to our Targets area and they notice us. 

I go in talk to Sneakers friend, turns out their sisters, I turn to Sneakers and talk about what not, intense eye contact and Kino (flirting with hands) in front of a Beta male she's with and was talking to.

Beta male says something to me which I completely ignore, Sneakers smiles, I go in hold her by the waist, Beta ejects and walks away.

Vega strikes, talks to the Sister but soon I notice he has no drink in his hand... It was my shout so it was perfect opportunity to isolate Vega and the Sister. I grab Sneakers by the hand,  "Come with me, I'm going to get some drinks" take her before she could say anything. She follows, Beta male watches us go with a stupid face. Poor guy.

At the bar, we chit chat, I get her name, her age, I hold her, let her go, hold her again, she leans in for more and holds my hand. I feel uncomfortable at this stage because I kept thinking of Smiles, I had to be careful. 

Older woman walks into the set, Sneakers let's go of me, "This is my mum" she introduces.
I say "Hi, I am a mothers worst night mare" and smile.
Both Target and her mum start to laugh, I stay to chat to them both and the Mum clearly approves of me. I take care of our drinks, they continue to talk, Mum begins to walk away and says "Have fun".

Girl holds my hand again. I take her back to the D floor.

At the D floor with Vega and his new drink. He had failed to close his set. I let Sneakers go and say "I'm not dancing with you"

"Oh, ok... I'll dance with my sis"
Walk away. Hoping that was it.

Get roudy with Vega at the D floor. Good times to be had.
Though when ever I look back there she was smiling. The attention felt good. More so because I had completely destroyed the Beta male, who still kept his distance and also noticed us looking at each other. His face was in pain.

We move back closer for another run, wait for right moment. Position and watch ANOTHER Beta has a go at Sneakers, this guy went in for the waist and tried to hold her close, though she pulls back leaning backwards, from her face expression he had some bad ass breath.

He pulls back, they have a chat, she looks at me, smiles, Beta2 notices and his game becomes more obvious, digs his own grave. Though all of a sudden she makes contact with the guy. It's jealousy routine, she knows I'm watching. I don't react, I wait for the moment to destroy him, this guy is nothing.

Right time presents itself.

I talk to her Sister for a bit, Sneakers finishes talking with Beta2 and comes up from behind and I ignore her. She grabs my hand.

She aqueezes... Hard. I let go, move back and smile at her. Beta has another go in front of me, I don't even look at thim, just Sneakers. He introduces himself, puts his hand out to shake. I ignore it and grab Sneakers instead and move away. I notice Vega moves into his set. Last isolation for the night, Vega has to make it count.

We have a small talk with her sister, Beta2 ejects with his tail between his legs. Vega has the Sisters attention. I respectfully tell Sister, "We're just going outside for a bit", Sister smiles at Sneakers and we go out side.

She was expecting to make out. I lean back, and start to talk. I've put myself in a bad position because of my ego. Usually I will simply talk to girls when winging.

She is worried about the first Beta male that she was talking to. He's liked her for ages but he's just a friend. I tell him to "Fuck him off".
She laughs, her body language is sexual, she leans in for kiss again. I deny her again and strike conversation again. She looks confused but keen to talk. 

During conversation, my phone rings. It's Vega, that's my escape plan. I get up.
"Hey I have to go, it was nice to meet you"

I leave girl confused. By this time.... Incredibly drunk.

Go to another Bar. Into D floor. Vega gets pulled by a cougar.
Smiles rings and is waiting at another club with her new friend.

I leave Vega with a cougar in his arms.

Meet up with Smiles, incredibly drunk and tell her everything straight away.

I knew what I had done was not cool. I put myself in a position I could have regretted all because I became competitive with two other dudes.
Still, despite being really drunk, I knew my limits.

Smiles understood, it wasn't too much of a big deal. I kept trying to explain it so it was all out in the table but I felt I wasn't explaining it right. I think she got the idea though. Point was, I didn't cheat.

As for Vega, what he does is his business. Not mine.

previous entry: Dealing with the Alpha Male Of the Group

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