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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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Seriously Need a Break


My dad called today. He had Covid a few weeks back and had an update. Apparently he's still struggling with after effects and ..... basically long term Covid. He's still got a cough but now he's also having neuropathy in his legs and hands. He already had a compromised immune system due to his diabetes; which can lead to neuropathy if you don't do what you are suppose to do to properly treat your diabetes. Covid basically exacerbated it and now he's dealing with this. There is no fucking cure for neuropathy. My dad got prescribed 7 different medications today. 

It's been a struggle to not go down the rabbit hole because of all the losses in the last few years and......this is my dad. This is the man that stepped in where a lesser man couldn't/wouldn't. I'm not ready for my dad to have neurological issues. He's only 57 for Christ's sake. 

If my family could getting a fucking break, that'd be great. 

previous entry: It doesn’t get easier

next entry: Just One Of Those Days

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Sometimes it feels as if everything happens all at once, huh? I'm sorry about your father. I hope something happens for the better soon.

[Ethan James|0 likes] [|reply]

Thank you. Yes, it definitely does. Thankfully my mom was texting me almost immediately after the call and reminding me that 1. Dad will do everything he is supposed to in regard to his meds and healing, and 2. she’s not going to let him get worse. They are both stubborn shit heads (I say that with all the love lol), so I just need to not go down rabbit holes and help in any way I can.

[nerdy_bree|0 likes] [|reply]

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