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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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Papa’s house


Went up to my Papa's house today. My uncle has been going through the house and getting it ready to sell. Sounds like there's an offer on it already, and it's a small world lol. The daughter of my grandparents neighbors wants to buy it. We use to run amock in that house during the summer. I hope they accept their offer. It kind of feels like it's staying in the family and that gives me a little peace of mind. 

I am kind of annoyed with my uncle and his wife. They made it sound like it was borderline hoarder status and it wasn't. They claimed there was a really bad leak in the kitchen and damage but there were no signs of damage or even repairs to fix damage. Also basically anything of value was gone. Jewelry, china set, expensive fishing equipment all gone. Just pictures, furniture, and smoke damaged items left. Papa was a heavy smoker. 

I didn't really take much. I just want pictures; I did take a homemade Christmas tree skirt and cast iron pot. Husband took some tools and fishing lures and polls. I'm glad my husband got some tools and fishing stuff because he'll actually use and not pawn it. I'll get the pictures after the memorial because my Uncle wants to use them. Once I remember how to load pictures I'll post a few of my grandparents. 

next entry: 5 Weeks

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I'm sorry for your loss. My whole family had gone up to my grandma's house after she passed since my grandpa was going to move closer to his kids. I didnt get to go but I chatted with my sister and she has mailed me some pictures, a precious moments figurine and one of grandma's hundreds upon hundreds of longaberger baskets. I cried when I opened it up. I don't even talk to my dad but he has just messaged me about how it hurt to lose his mom and how he always thought she would outlive him. I am so confused by him and I don't know what that meant. I was in a great mood this week but now I just can't help but be sad.

My siblings had a huge fight at that house while they were there picking things up and my grandpa had to kick them out.

It makes me upset how someone's memories can just be a place for people to show their selfishness and lack of care.

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I’m sorry you are having to go through this. A passing should bring people together but sometimes their ugly side comes out, unfortunately.

I’m trying to fight mine and not assume my Uncle and his wife are being greedy. After all, they are taking care of everything but they weren’t his only family. He has 3 grandkids from his oldest (my birth father) and 2 from my Uncle. Like, think about it guys, that’s all I’m asking. I am thankful he didn’t fight my husband on taking some of my Papa’s fishing gear. My husband will appreciate and use those things.

I hope you can find your inner peace again with your family again but more importantly with yourself and for yourself.

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