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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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5 Weeks


Husband is off to training for his new job. He'll be in Southern California for 3 weeks, come home for a few days and then he's off to Sacramento for 2 weeks. Thankfully my direct supervisor is understanding and willing to work with me (as long as the needs of the business aren't jeopradized) so I got the final week of Husband's training week off and I'll be making the 6.5 hour drive down to see him for a week. I'll drive back the day before he flies home. 

It is going to be tough though, because he won't be able to come back for my Papa's memorial and I'll have to make the 3 hour drive to Oroville by myself. I can do it, that's not the issue, it's just more the emotional aspect of the day. My girlfriends unfortunately are stuck at work and can't go with me since it's on a Friday. They feel bad but I told them that I know they would go no questions asked if they could. They are my true ride or die ladies. My heart sisters
I'm starting to get extremely frustrated at work again but not because of my department or my family issues. I have a coworker that likes to not act her pay wage. She has a habit of speaking to me or some of the other Department Supervisors (DS/DSs) as if she is an Assistant Store Manager (ASM) and asks us tell us what to do or "asks" us why we're asking an ASM to do something and why can't we do it. I have to walk away everytime she does this because quite frankly I want to cuss this child out so fucking bad. She's so snotty and dismissive and Karen like to associates and customers alike. She does this in front of our management team and it fucking boggles my mind as to how my management team continues to let her be a DS. Think of a Karen compined with a spoiled fifteen year old and you have this DS. *sigh* This was the text convo with my direct supervisor:
Me: There's a reason I asked G to do it because I'm almost off and I need to talk to you about a couple of issues. In addition to the fact that I really don't understand what crawled up A's back end that makes her think she can dictate anything to me. I'm one more snide comment or demand away from finling a complaint on her.

Boss: I got u...but calm down.


I did talk to him in person after this and apologized to him for loudly cursing in the hallway (the amount of times that hallway has heard me say 'Jesus FUCKING Christ' on the way out *smh*) and that the reason I get frustrated like that and walk out is because this is not the first time since A has been promoted that I've had to deal with her not acting her pay scale and it won't be the last. That it is also frustrating when I'm in a room with three ASMs and not a single one of them calls her out for this bullshit. She and I are the same level, I have a year on her as far as being a supervisor and I have two years on her as far as being an associate of this company. Bitch, I ain't the one. I worked my ass off for my position in this company, she got her position because no one in our store wanted the department that was available and the SM at the time was too fucking lazy to look outside of our store at our sister stores, leaving us with her for the last four years. Thanks S, so helpful *insert middle finger*

previous entry: Papa’s house

next entry: Bored

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