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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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So not to much going on. Hubby and I have covid, so that's fun.... not. Though, I should be grateful since it's not anything like it was the first time I got it. 

There is still drama at my work and in my department but with different people, so yay... The new drama is with the woman who use to be in my position but do to her attendance final and a company wide management shake up she was not able to keep her position or interview for another. Which was o.k. with me because I did not know she is paranoid that employees, managers, and customers are out to get her, are stalking her, or want to I don't know nor do I think she knows. Every issue she has come to me about the stories are the same but with different people, so at some point she should, you would think, realize she is the one and only common denominator in her "issues". However, if anyone tries to explain that to her than "you aren't listening to me and don't care about what I'm saying." I'm at a loss of what to do...

Regular life is going pretty good, minus the whole having covid thing LOL. Hubby and I started talking about having kids. We're not anywhere near to trying for a baby but he's open to it in maybe a year. This is because financially we (and our life style) are not baby friendly. In that we see some "thing" we want we buy it or we save up for a trip and nothing more. We live a very child free life, so Hubby wants us to get more on the "we have children" life style. We realize you can't be completely prepaired for children but Hubby wants to get as close as possible. I'm thinking we can discuss babies a bit more as we quarintine these next 5 days. Yes, we are staying out of common spaces so as to not give Covid to our roommates and we wear a mask when we leave our room. There is no reason to pass on our germs, whether or not you think covid is real (it is by the way). Plus it would make me a hypocrite because I was bitching about one of my roommates doing that while sick in my last post.

Alright, I'm going to finish eating my dinner. Have a good day/night.


previous entry: Annoying

next entry: A lot of Firsts Again

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The adult-only lifestyle is far recommendable than the "we have children" lifestyle, I promise!

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