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Caffeine Addicted Nerd
by nerdy_bree

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Hippie Soul


Life has been interesting to say the least. I honestly don't even know where to start or what to even say. 

I've been feeling beat down and pissed off and sad with what's going on in Palestine and how my country is helping commit genocide, but it really shouldn't surprise me given our fucking history. Only a few people in my life have acknowledged whats going on and even few have spoken out against the colony of Isreal. It's just surprising to me that people that protested Vietnam are a lot of the voices justifying or staying silent about what is happening. We're watching an entire country of people be wiped off the face of the Earth. People are standing up against it but the Governments are backing a tyrannical dictator....... so much for being a voice of the people...


Work got better and now it's gone backwards, to the point of me being ready to quit again. I almost got a promotion and out of my store but they went with someone within that store and it just worked out better for moral at that store to go with them. It was totally crushing because I did amazing at the interview according to that Store Manager and I was soooo close to being out of my current store, that I could practically taste it crying

Kyle has been a raging dickhead for the last few weeks. We got a new District Manager and he doesn't seem to be fond of brown nosers, which is basically what Kyle is, soooo, now we all have to deal with a moody, bitchy grown ass man-child >.<. My new direct manager, Jim, is awesome but I feel so bad for him. He's not use to a micromanaging dickhead as his boss. Jim's actually from the store I interviewed at for the promotion. He had an amazing store manager and basically got down graded when he got promoted to this position. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from him and just keep my head above water. I'm praying Kyle either gets transfered or fired. I am calling on my petty spiteful side and I will either outlast this mother fucker or get promoted, but he will not beat me down or force me out of the company by quiting. 


Family life is going alright. My bio dad and his family haven't really talked to me in a.....year? Maybe less, maybe more. Honestly, I'm not sure and really don't care if I'm being honest. My Dad is doing better health wise. He's still suffering from GBS, but is getting stronger, has lost weight which is helping with his diabetes, and his PT seems to be going really good. I worry he's going to be with a walker permanently, which I think would be tough for him as he's only 57 and has always been a pretty active man ((football games, Disneyland trips, Vegas trips, etc)). He seems to be handling everything ok, as far as I can see and from what Mom says. I need to take her out for a girls day to a spa or something. She needs to relax and press pause on everything thats going on. 

We had another death in the family. My Tio Oscar passed away from cancer a month or so back. His funeral was very nice but it was a little tough going by myself. My parents were there but Nick had to work, so that was a little tough as I'm very much an introvert and don't really like socializing. Some of the cousins were talking about doing a family reunion, which would be nice, but they've said this every funeral and nothing has happened, so we shall see. Hopefully I won't have to go to that without Nick because as much as I love my family, that would be torture. 



previous entry: Just One Of Those Days

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