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Movies, Movies, Movies
by Movies, UNL.

Want to see a movie but don't know how good it will be? Request a review! Got a good movie that you just want to see how it will be reviewed? Request it!

I have my own personal 10 point rating system:

1. Lead actor/actress - how good was their acting, etc.
2. Support actors/actresses and the chemistry between the lead and support(s)
3. Good foundation at start of movie? Did it build a good base, or am I constantly asking questions about what's going on?
4. Genre-specific relevance. I.E. if it's supposed to be a comedy but I don't find it funny, this will not get the point. If it's a horror but it's not scary, etc. If it fits the genre, it gets the point.
5. Good/bad movie idea
6. Good plot - did they stick to it or stray a little? Was it drawn out or too short? Was it interesting, did it keep me entertained?
7. Climax - was it good? (That's always the question, right? ;P) Was it funny/romantic/adrenaline-pumping? Did I want to finish the movie or force myself to?
8. End of the movie - Did the end kill the movie? Was it a good ending? Or was it just okay? Loses point if the end kills the movie, half point if it's just okay.
9 a. Realistic? If the movie gives the feel it's supposed to be it plausible? If it's quite obviously not supposed to be realistic, go to 9b.
b. Too far-fetched? If it's not too far-fetched, gets point.
10. How were the graphics? Special effects? How was the make-up? Costume designing? All the cosmetic stuff.

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