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Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler - 4/10


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Bedtime Stories stars Adam Sandler, Keri Russel, and Courtney Cox.

I liked this movie (on the lower end of the like scale). Notice the word "liked." I did not love it (as I don't ever "love," or usually like, Sandler's movies), but it was tolerable and even quite funny at times. The bedtime stories were as far-fetched as they would be in real life if you let a kid run the show, so it had a touch of genuineness. I can remember thinking that the directing was a tad sloppy and Sandler's character was a bit too bland and kind of stupid (in that funny way that a lot of people like; i.e. Napoleon Dynamite, but not quite so stupid); a lot like his SNL characters and even his characters from other movies that I end up feeling sorry for.

Sandler plays Skeeter, a janitor whose father started the hotel he works in. His father sold it to a man who eventually made it a big hotel. He promises that the boy will run the hotel one day, quite obviously not intending to let him do so. Skeeter lives in the hotel, a sloppy bachelor, when his sister ends up having to leave her kids with him. They proceed to telling bedtime stories which, to Sandler's befuddled amazement, come true - in a sense. It doesn't always work out the way that Skeeter wants it to, and this is how the movie goes: Skeeter trying to figure out how the stories are going to come true.

As I said, it is an okay movie that I liked, somewhat. It is a nice family movie, and is definitely worth the redbox $1 for 1 day. Anything more is too much.

The directing was okay, a little sloppy but okay. The casting probably could have been better. However, I have no suggestions as I usually would.

My rating: 4 out of 10.

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I want to rent the moive... working up to going there.

[ćara|0 likes] [|reply]

i was really disappointed by this one! i thought it was going to be so much more. haha.

[spinneretteStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I was very dissappointed in this movie.

[.VampireღLove.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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