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Miss.Krystle's Diary
by Miss.Krystle

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What would you do in this situation?


Ugh. in order to get a little background on what's happened leading up to this entry, go to this page: (sorry, don't know how to make a link thing).

So I don't know what to do. I keep getting text messages from Suzanne, saying how she misses me, and how she can't live her life without me...last night it was that she was down in the dumps and she tried hurting herself...found my number behind an old pic and she wants to be friends with me again.

Then, on top of that, I get a message from one of her friends telling me that she really really misses me.

That's nice you miss me. But what you pulled, was over the line. Not to mention I know for a fact she did nothing but talk shit about me after I stopped talking to her. And yet, she wants to be my friend again??

Uhhhh...sounds to me like she's got a little bit to learn what a friend really is. I've put up with her shit for almost 10 years. I'm DONE with the drama. And I'm done with the bullshit she pulls every time she decides she's gonna be mad at me.

What would you guys do in that situation? I never respond to her when she texts me. You'd think she'd take the hint.

Apparently not.

In other news, Trystan had his surgery a couple days ago. He's doing's almost like he didn't have surgery at all. He's running around, playing like normal. He's not too big on eating much right now, but I can understand that. The throat specialist wants to see him in 6 weeks. 

Other than that, things are pretty much normal. Or rather, as normal as they're gonna be for me. LoL.

I'll write again soon.



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previous entry: Wicked lightening caught on video!

next entry: 20 day mommy challenge

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Did Trystan have his tonsils removed? Anyway, glad the surgery went well.

I read that "drama" entry. I think you have every right to choose not to be her friend. She should have thought about the way she acted and realised that she was going to miss you if she didn't have you as a friend anymore before she did all that.

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Yes, he had his tonsils and his adenoids out 2 days ago. He's doing pretty well considering...just a little moody and woke up this morning with a nose bleed. Which I was told is normal after a surgery like that.

As for the other 2 idiots, well, yea...not much to say there. I've put up with their crap for years...I'm done with it. So maybe she'll start to take the hint since I'm not responding to any of her text messages. LoL.

[Miss.Krystle|0 likes] [|reply]

ive been in this same situation. my EX best friend slept with my ex boyfriend when i was with him. i forgave them both, they did it again once again all was forgiven and then she lied to me telling me that my husband kept jumping in her bed with her when i was at work which was bull becuase my husband has NEVER liked her EVER and unlike my ex boyfriend i know that he would never sleep around on me becuase he has been hurt as mush as i have and he loves me.but in my situation i havent talked to hersince she tried to break me and my hubby appart with her lies. and i havent turned back since!

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