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We Don't Have To Live This Way...
by minor_catastrophe

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The End!


Geez this month flew by. I've never updated this much I don't think. I pretty much stayed caught up. Was late a few times, but I finished it.

Thought I'd upload a couple more pictures on here of the girls from Thanksgiving. I'm still figuring this out so sorry if they're small like last time. One is Christina and Onna when they decided to play dress-up. Onna managed to find the ugliest wig that has ever existed. One is Christina trying to be serious during the prayer. She was trying so hard not to laugh and to keep her eyes closed. And the third one is Christina at her first 3D movie, Tangled. The commercials were better than the movie when it came to the 3D effect. One was a coke commercial and the guy flicked water at you. Christina jumped a mile. It was pretty funny.

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previous entry: .:124:. NoJoMo 29

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aww so cute!!!

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