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We Don't Have To Live This Way...
by minor_catastrophe

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Almost Done!


I'm late.. yet again. Haha

Mom and Chuck were talking to us last night. There's no way we can afford to stay at the house we have now. Chuck's unemployment is about to run out, seeing as House won't pass the extensions. So that leaves us with Mom's income to pay $1550 rent plus everything else for a family of 6. Impossible. So mom mentioned a trailer she found out by my brother's school. We drove by it last night. It's actually really nice. Needs gravel in the driveway because it was flooding from all the rain we got, but nice all in all. We called them about it. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single-wide with actual walls, not the shitty trailer-type. It comes with all new appliances (the fridge isn't new but works good) including a washer and dryer. All electric except gas heat, not propane. Rent's a bit high for a trailer I think but mom says its cheap considering it's a practically brand new trailer. It's $575. I'm going to go look at it tonight after work.

I talked to my sister about it, but she didn't seem too enthused. So I mentioned it to Kayla. She was always talking about how we were going to get a place when we could afford it. With me getting a $1.50 raise any day now, and her SSI coming in, we could. Also, with the third bedroom, it's perfect for a nursery when she has the baby. I think it's a good idea as long as I can trust her to do her part with everything. That way I know the baby's being taken care of. But she immediately shot it down. She says she has a place to live (bumming off other people) and she wants to get her own place, that roommates wouldn't work. Wtf? Makes no sense to me, but fuck her I guess.

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Could you get the place on your own?
Thats crazy she doesnt want to do it. Maybe she'll change her mind

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