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Live and let
by Suesan

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It sure is smelly


Good morning to all who dare to come here! Tomorrow is the big day that I am going to have a colonoscopy. I know I can't wait! (sarcasim) Today is going to be just as bad as I have to clean out my system. I am so excited to spend most of my day pooping. Sure, it's for my better good,but I don't wanna. The weekend was okay. I went to a going away party on Friday for a lady that is in my Celebrate Recovery group. It was nice, but she had alcohol there and it was very visual and tempting. I couldn't stay long at all.Yesterday I went to a "Purse exchange" party. I had picked out this gorgeous purse and someone "stole" it from me. I ended up with an ugly purse that I probably won't use unless there is an emergency and all of my purses are unavailable. lol But, other than that it was fun too be around some people that are nice and like to have fun. I have a horrible toothache and the dentist is closed because of the covid issue. I am suffering silently and hoping it just "goes away" on it's own. Anyway, that is all I have to say at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to be bored reading 

Remember to smile!


previous entry: Yo you Muttha!

next entry: Boring, my life is.

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Best of luck with it! x [The RyanStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

ryn: I had the attention span of a bird for 8 months and now I can read again! I live in Florida and its been crazy. I live in Broward and Broward and Miami were the worst hitting spots and we started to open yesterday. Restaurants at 25% capacity (the rest of the state is allowed 50%), gyms at 50% capacity, malls thanks. I'm good. I'll wait for this experiment to be over lol

[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [like|reply]