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Live and let
by Suesan

previous entry: It sure is smelly

Boring, my life is.


I had my colonoscopy Tuesday and everything was fine. My stink hole is pretty clean. ha  I have pictures if you wanna see them. I don't have much news to tell you but all is well on the Utah front. My town did cancel the Independence day parade and fireworks, so everyone is freaking out. I really could care less. If I want to see a walking advertisement or big loud booms, I will wait until next year. lol I hope everything and everyone is well. I am so exciting, I know. 

Remember to smile..

previous entry: It sure is smelly

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ryn: really? I live in Tamarac but grew up in Sunrise!
[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

I used to love going to Sunrise and to the beach. (I think it was Sunrise, it was so long ago) I miss it so bad! I miss going to the Fashion Mall and I miss Publix, because we don't have one in Utah. lol [SuesanStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

glad you're colonoscopy went well! [Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [like|reply]