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Hidden Depths
by Zombie Mark

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NoJoMo 2020 - 10


Dads not so good today

Dad went to his aunts funeral today. He doesn't do great a funerals.

I get the feeling that he has taken one too many tablets today - he seems very much "all over the place" today. Not able to sleep, talking a bunch of crap (just running on etc). Seems like his mind is going a million miles an hour. He has been like that ever since Nan died.

It probably doesn't help that there has been a COVID-19 scare at my brothers work (Brother has been given the all clear though, thankfully) and they go back to work tomorrow (the place has been fully sanitised etc), but I think that is playing on his mind too.

I'm supposed to be visiting Mum tomorrow, she lives on her own and I get the feeling that she is feeling lonely at the moment so I don't want her to be on her own, but that also means that I am going to have to leave Dad on his own tomorrow. Urgh! Mum is a lot more sound of mind than Dad, so I will have to make a judgement call on Dad tomorrow if I have to cancel my plans with Mum. I would tell her why and she would fully understand - but I don't want to do that if I don't have to. Hopefully Dad will actually get some sleep soon and he'll be a lot brighter than he is at the moment.

Now Mother would at the drop of a hat have Dad round there if I asked for it, she is great like that. However, I know that Dad would either not go because he doesn't want to be a burden on anyone of if I did manage to convince him he wouldn't wanna stay for very long. He has issues with anxiety and ends up with toileting issues. Oh the joys!

It's times like this, that I am glad that I have had to move back into Dads, just so that I can keep an eye on him. But I also need to keep an eye on Mum too.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care, only sometimes though. I don't have it in me not to care, it's just the way the way that I am I suppose.

Gonna be a long night.

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you are a good son, Mark. You have a kind heart. It must be hard to be torn between the two of them when they both need you at the same time. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow!

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