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Hidden Depths
by Zombie Mark

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NoJoMo 2020 - 09


A joyful day of Migraines

Last night I went to bed and within an hour of falling asleep I woke up for some unknown reason, I rolled over and then discovered that my head felt like it was being sat on by a thousand fully grown elephants - which as you can imagine isn't the nicest feeling in the world. I tried my hardest to get back to sleep but kept waking up every hour (and having lots of water etc) with the headache continued.

It's now 23:00 the next day and I finally have some clarity in my head at last. No matter what I was to do, I wasn't able to get rid of any pains. At least it's gone now though, a whole day wasted though! It also means that I will be going to sleep earlier than I normally do, which isn't such a bad thing I suppose.

Over n out.

previous entry: NoJoMo 2020 - 08

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Feel better! That sounds painful!

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