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Hidden Depths
by Zombie Mark

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Coping with another tough day after losing Mum


Today has been another hard day. It's one of those days when the pain of losing Mum feels as fresh as if it happened yesterday. Grief is a rollercoaster, and some days the ride is particularly steep.

On days like today, it's a struggle to hold back the tears and keep the emotions in check. I miss her more than words can express, and the ache in my heart is almost unbearable. It's okay to admit that. It's okay to grieve, even when it feels like I should be stronger by now.

I've learned that during these tough moments, it's crucial to reach out to my support system. Whether it's a friend who's been through something similar or a family member who understands the depth of my pain, talking to someone who cares can bring a bit of solace.

Self-care becomes a lifeline on days like today. I've decided to light a candle in her memory, allowing the flickering flame to create a sense of peace and connection. Sometimes, it's the little things that help me get through the day.

Honoring Mum's memory can be both comforting and bittersweet. Today, as the candle burns, I remember the times we shared and the warmth of her love that continues to shine in my heart.

I've come to accept that grief doesn't follow a timetable. It has its own rhythm, and I'm learning to be patient with myself on these tough days. Healing is a slow and winding path, and I don't have to rush it.

So, today has been another hard day, but I'm making it through. I remind myself that the love and memories I shared with Mum are eternally etched in my heart. They're the beacons that guide me through the darkest moments and bring light to these tough days.

previous entry: Weightloss

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Sorry for the loss of your mother how long ago did she pass away? I just lost a very close friend of mine 3 weeks ago due to a tragic accident. I had written about it on here. My friend I lost was named Mike and he suddenly died 2 weeks after his 62nd birthday.

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I don't know from personal experience as of yet, but I imagine its very hard to lose a parent, especially one you're very close with. My grandparents had a heavy hand in raising me and my brothers growing up and when they passed, it felt like a loss of a parent and not a grandparent. Even though I am very close with my mother, my grandparents stepped in and helped her when my father left. I still cry after 21 years of losing grandma and 17 years of losing poppy. It never really goes away, but it doesn't linger all the time either. It gets easier to move on but I always think about them and enjoy the good memories. Memories is how we keep them alive.

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