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In Search of Inspiration...
by Artistic Muse

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Heard from Edward!


Time: 3:31 PM
Wearing: pajamas
Eating: nothing at the moment
Drinking: red tea
Mood: excited

classic layouts

Well, I got a call from Edward a bit ago, and he made it safely to Detroit. His next flight to London is scheduled to leave around 7 tonight or so. Hopefully I'll hear from him again before he leaves, but not sure since it costs money to connect to the internet at the airport in Detroit, so hopefully he'll call me again. *sigh* i feel so relieved that his plane made it safe through all the snow, and hopefully he'll make it safe to London. Keep him in your prayers and everyone else who is flying to London today to go to Harlaxton. Thanks all!

*sweatdrop* watching Taking Woodstock...and one guy's line was "They'll be high on drugs, stealing from us by day and raping the cattle by night." ummm...o.O

previous entry: Cats in the snow

next entry: Up

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