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In Search of Inspiration...
by Artistic Muse

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Cats in the snow


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Well, the weather guys were right and it's snowing hardcore here. Checked on Edward's flight, and everything is on schedule, hopefully it goes well. Not a lot to do here at home, dad stayed home from work because it's too far to go in this nasty weather, and his sense of balance is way off because he's so overweight, his spine is fused, and he's it's best for him to stay off the snow and ice. He's planned for us to take down the Christmas stuff sometime today, and I need to finish getting ready to go back to school, but I just feel like curling up under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate and watch the snow.

The cats are enjoying WATCHING the snow from warm seats near the window. Out of boredom, I opened the door and picked up our 2 year old short hair male, Mau (who was excited to hear the door open and looked out the storm door), and set him down gently into the snow. He wasn't too thrilled with the snow, just kinda wandered around (sort of), shaking his paws to dry them off. Once I noticed he was shivering and all puffed up, I picked him up, brushed the snow off of him, and brought him back in to warm up. Agatha (our long hair female about 13 years old) got to go out in the snow. She took it a bit better, wandered out a little more, and wasn't shivering and puffed up. I think she's used to being put in the snow (happens every year when it snows a lot), but Mau is still young and doesn't like it lol. But they're both enjoying the warm seats and are content to watch the snow from the windows.

Man the snow is really coming down and blowing...not gonna go outside (again) that's for sure.

previous entry: Home too soon...not enough time...

next entry: Heard from Edward!

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we have 2 strays that we feed but one in particular is a young female-not older than much a kitten. we put a collar and flea meds on her but its sooo cold i set out a blanket with a heating pad onto a chair on our covered porch. we have been bringing her in all day but putting her back outside at night. i feel bad for her but i cant deal with a liter box not in our small home. but atleast i feel like im doing her lots of good rather than her being stuck somewhere hungry and cold in a box!


I've heard of cats in the cradle but not cats in the snow

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