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Who I Am...
by LostInMyOwnMind

previous entry: I got the apartment :D

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I dont get it...


~*~ I simply dont understand ~*~

I get that friends come and go in our lives, sometimes without explanation. But if you have been friends with someone for over three years... why would you one day just block them without explanation? Not just block them, but go as far as to change your number? *Sighs* I am more then hurt by this ones actions. Him and I... he saved me more then once emotionally, and I know I saved him. I don't understand.... all I would like is a explanation. For once. I think I deserve that, at very least, for everything we went through....


previous entry: I got the apartment :D

next entry: Really?? Its been 3 years??

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That's so weird...I went through the same things with one of my old best friends of about 4 years. One day he just stopped responding to my texts, wouldn't talk to me online, and eventually deleted me. He sent me a message on Facebook about 6 months ago apologizing. Maybe your friend is just going through something and doesn't know how to handle it except by pushing you away. Good luck. I know I was upset for months about my situation so I hope it goes better for you.

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Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I was so hurt and offended. His girlfriend was one of my best friends as well and she told me that he said he just didn't want to talk to me anymore. Hopefully your friend didn't leave you like that just because of something someone else did. That would be sort of hard to forgive IMO.

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Thank you. It's not really my issue, and truth to tell, I barely knew the kid. I baby-sat him when he was an infant, and only saw him a few times after he got a little older... It's just depressing, I guess. Especially when I bump into their mother and she talks about fighting for custody, etc. Makes me want to strangle her.

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