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Often Found Lurking In Soup
by Lunar Sea

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Shiny Fifty Thousand Words


At 3.25am on 30th November, I validated my 50k words. This was good and nice and fun. Definite sense of achievement.

However, it has now left me tired and a little listless, with an essay to do in about a week. Eek!

Today I've been feeling really, really paranoid. I've just joined a new game on rpol and it was going really well and stuff, and I was really into it, and for some reason when I turned up today I felt like everyone hated me and my character and felt the game would be better without me. I came in the room where they were talking about a 'tard searching' device and for some reason I was utterly convinced they were referring to my character.

It's not good. Paranoia is unfun.

Will have to talk to people about it I think, or else it'll just sit at the back of my mind and crawl in and settle.

previous entry: I Blame NaNoWriMo

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Ah, but you recognise it is paranoia, and so you don't really think they hate you, so that is better than lack of self awareness. Apparently the way to deal with paranoia is logical self talk. Cognitive behavioural stuff. Although it could just be an after-effect of the exhaustion of writing 50,000 words!

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