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Often Found Lurking In Soup
by Lunar Sea

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No One Dies On The Internet


Recently I got a link to the Great Sonic-cide of 2007. Not only did I then waste much of an afternoon browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica (which tragically has no article on Bloop, but does have one on the Open Diary), but it made me wonder how much people believe this kind of jazz. There's actually a livejournal community dedicated to fake deaths on the internet.

This is a bit poignant and relevant here as I've not written in this diary for quite some time now. Partly not having anything I particularly wanted to write about, and partly just because I was so busy with finishing up my degree, but given I'd written quite a bit about my depression, it occurred to me that, well, if someone does die on the internet, that's what it would be like. Just no more posts. Ever. You'd just wonder if they left or moved on in life and never know.

Certainly my family and friends wouldn't know enough to go to every random website and forum base I peruse and inform them of my tragic demise.

So, this is part wave - hi, still here, not dead yet! - and part musing. Death is not a great tragic epic suicide pact where everyone reads your precious dying words that you post online. It's quiet. Life goes on for most people.

Blimey, someone pull my hair over my eyes, I'm going all emo on you.

So, bright and cheerful things! I managed to finish my dissertation, and my portfolios, and do an exam without exploding, and as a result I am SHINY HAPPY FINISHED and graduated with a 2:1 degree. I am thrilled to bits.

The two housemates with whom I was having some difficulty have moved out, and someone else is staying in the house as a 'visitor' at the moment. My graduation ceremony is 13th July. I'm not fixed, amazing and perfect, but I feel like I'm moving and looking forward, which is a really big step for me.

Also, WoW patch day today!!

That is all.

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Golly gosh - how time flies! I can't believe you're graduating already! Congrats, yo!

I've known a few internet people who died - but their family posted to inform us, and it clearly wasn't fake. I've come across quite a few fakies too! If I were to die, no one would know, though, because I don't inform my family of the sites I frequent! But then maybe it would come out through FB and everyone would somehow find out.

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