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by *KCBK*

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I marched at dawn


Day One!
Last night went better than I thought it would. We cuddled so it's a start. Now, for day one. I suppose I'm going to try and make a list of everything I want to accomplish. Hopefully, while trying to accomplish some things others will fall into place. I want to start doing date night. The problem is that we never have the time to do one. Solution? Make time! How? I don't know! I want to get dressed up and go out somewhere nice. No money for that right now. We could always watch a movie...but that means I have to lay down the ground rules of no talking during my movie which I know will happen anyway. On top of that, I have to get it all done within about an hour, the time between when the baby goes down for bedtime and when we go to bed. This surely will not be easy. But nothing worth fighting for ever was, was it? Bring on the battle. I'm ready.

On a brighter note, Kayden has definitely made his presence known by feeling the need to punch and kick his way around his little home. I'm fairly certain I felt a knee trying to protrude out as well. I've been trying so hard to gain some weight. The doctors keep telling me I have to do so soon. It's not like I'm starving myself or making myself throw up or anything. It happens naturally. I'm still nauseous. But I eat what I want, when I want. I just can't seem to gain any weight with it. But then again, keep in mind that I am running around after a very active two year old all day and then I have work at night, work where I must stand and walk and keep busy all the time. And then add the stress of school in there and that should be it. Piled up, I have one big load of life on my hands! Annoying, huh?

Well I need to get back to packing. I have two weeks until we move into the new house. All this work to pack and then unpack...I hate moving. Luckily I only have to do it one more time in this state and then one more to get out of this state! And then I'm done. I'll never have to move again until the kids are out of the house and I can downsize

previous entry: And the war is on....saving my marriage: the night before day one

next entry: The secret's out

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