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v. 34 goes around...
by immortalized artiste

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If ever you want to question me about being interested in starting a battle, leave me a comment. I'll get back to you about whether I am a) interested or b) too busy. We can afterwards think of themes, number of rounds and who starts first, etc.

Though, I do reserve the right to decline at any point, and we both can have the right to cut the battle short if anything happens.

Additional Criteria: Only Colourizations
Number of Rounds: 15
Jessica: Odd
Beth: Even

Final WordsAMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. That's is all I can say about this battle, Beth. I loved doing this battle. I never wanted it to end, the colourizations from both sides were just blow-me-away results! This was fun, and thank you!

Additional Criteria: Emotions
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Odd
Keri: Even

Emotions Used:

Round ONE: Joy
Round TWO: Surprise
Round THREE: Confusion
Round FOUR: Envy
Round FIVE: Fear
Round SIX: Love
Round SEVEN: Hatred
Round NINE:

Final Words

Additional Criteria: Use Lyrics on your Volley
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Odd
Ashley: Even

Lyrics Used:

Round ONE: Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace
Round THREE: Lithium - Evanescence
Round FIVE: Wake Up - Three Days Grace
Round SEVEN: Breathe No More - Evanescence
Round NINE: Promises in the Dark - Pat Benatar

Final Words You effing get better so goddamn fast. I love battling with you. This was fun. xD

Additional Criteria: Colourizations
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Jessica: Odd

Final Words

can also be found here
Additional Criteria: Only use Evanescence lyrics, do not use Evanescence pictures in any way.
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Erin: Odd

Lyrics Used:
note: all lyrics are Evanescence
Round ONE: Like You
Round TWO: All That I'm Living For
Round THREE: Good Enough
Round FOUR: Lacrymosa
Round FIVE: The Only One
Round SIX: The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
Round SEVEN: Cloud Nine
Round EIGHT: Anywhere
Round NINE: Missing
Round TEN: The Only One

Final Words I thank you for the opportunity for doing this battle - with lyrics from an artist that has so greatly taken an effect on both of our lives and art. It was a wonderful battle, and we both did great. Thank you.

Additional Criteria: Photography
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Keri: Odd

Final Words It was more than an honour doing this with you. You are such an amazing photographer, I was astonished when you even asked me to do this with you. Thanks for the opportunity to do this with you, it was wonderful battling one of the best photographers and friends I know.

Additional Criteria: Use only one colour other than b&w.
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Ashley: Odd

Colours Used:
Round ONE: Pink
Round TWO: Blue
Round THREE: Orange
Round FOUR: Red
Round FIVE: Yellow
Round SIX: Green
Round SEVEN: Purple
Round EIGHT: Aqua
Round NINE:
Round TEN:

Additional Criteria: Seven Deadly Sins + Faith, Hope, & Love.
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Odd
Teresa: Even

Round ONE: Lust
Round TWO: Gluttony
Round THREE: Greed
Round FOUR: Sloth
Round FIVE: Wrath
Round SIX: Envy
Round SEVEN: Pride
Round EIGHT: Faith
Round NINE: Hope
Round TEN: Love

Additional Criteria: Artwork using words with the letter "P"
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Odd
Teresa: Even

round ONE: Perfection
round TWO: Promise
round THREE: Possible
round FOUR: Pretending
round FIVE:
round SIX:
round SEVEN:
round EIGHT:
round NINE:
round TEN:

Additional Criteria: Colour-themed icon sets.
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Heather: Odd

Colours used:
round ONE: Yellow
round TWO: Red
round THREE: Purple
round FOUR: Orange
round FIVE: Green
round SIX: Blue
round SEVEN: Pink
round EIGHT: Peach
round NINE: Cyan
round TEN: Magenta

Final Words

Additional Criteria: Black & White + 1 colour icon sets
Number of Rounds: 10
Jessica: Even
Lauren: Odd

Colours used:
round ONE: Pink
round TWO: Blue
round THREE: Yellow
round FOUR: Red
round FIVE: Green
round SIX: Purple
round SEVEN: Orange
round EIGHT: Turquoise
round NINE:
round TEN:
see all rounds here

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, turquoise, plum, chartreuse

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Jessaaa, just letting you know that links to your battle with Erin are broken (they go to isolated-dreams).

Why am I here? Because I am structuring my own battle page and I needed a refresher. xD Man, I need to do more battles.

[lithium layouts.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Here it is in case you're interested. xD

[lithium layouts.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Hey, you need to do a 'final words' for our first battle. xD And I want to do something like that too, I think. xD

[lithium layouts.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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