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v. 34 goes around...
by immortalized artiste

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link me.

Thank you so much to Teresa [lithium layouts.] for the amazing new buttons:

immortalized artiste

service/graphic diaries

I reserve the right to decline an affiliate.

» lauren @ radiant designs

» teresa @ lithium layouts.

» ashley @ eternal designs

» jess @ designs by jess

» brittany @ //movielayouts//

» heather @ cherry seven extras

» april @ quiet rain

» cheryl @ __cocktail;designs

» beth @ love bipolar inc

» jaime @ afterlife;designs

» helen @ eye candy designs

» erin @ obsessions inc.

» ambi @ iARTography

» roze @ khoquetish designs

» ev @ & icons

» amber @ ambers designs

other great diaries

red-light rhapsody. challenges

code challenges.

service association

sexyscene challenges

icon association

project service

candy obsessions

I didn't think I needed to do this, but I guess I do.


01. I don't do personal, nor special requests. Ever. Under any circumstances.

02. I don't take suggestions.

03. I require credit if you use my things.

04. I love comments, but I'm not a comment nazi.

05. Do not alter my layouts, under any circumstances.

06. Be respectful on my diary, and we'll get along fine.

next entry: Layout Directory

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Read the rules And I'm linking you on my fp!

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I'm going to add you. Would you add me as well?

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