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Love my two boys <3
by Mommyto3

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My Family from

so its been a while since ive updated, like 4 days lets see whats new? well this is the second time since ive moved that carmen stays at her moms house because its close to her house from work (when she works overnights) and i dont think i will ever get used to not being able to wake up next to her.
well last night she went out with her brother, who is down here on vacation from virginia and one of their good friends birthday was ystrdy so they all went out to the bar. i didnt intruide because when i go out with my friends she doesnt say anything. so since she got "chocolate wasted" i told her to sleep at her moms didnt want her drinking and driving ( they had a D.D ) so tonight she works an overnight 8pm-4am gotta love being a manager at a fast food place on the weekend -__- so good news on my part? i got called for an interview monday at 1130am as a Medical Assistant super stoked, as the new year entered i have been trying to make a few changes, im trying to confide much much more in god than what i usually do. i feel like i only go to him when i need him instead of seeking him everyday. he loves us all for who we are, even tho i am a lesbian i can believe in god and ask for his help.

so joziah is doing great, he has his next pulmonology appointment feb 13th lets see what the doctor says about his asthma hope it is better. as to justin the sperm doner he is being his usually dickhead that he always is. but i have reached the point where i dont care anymore, his words dont hurt me anymore, they actually work for me making me stronger and to work harder to be able to prove him wrong. and that YES i can be someone and NO i dont need his help with NOTHING he is not paying child support and frankly joziah does not need his help.

cutest thing ever so many might think other wise but its whatever, joziah was at daycare and they were talking about mommys and daddys its joziahs turn he stands up and says i have 1 daddy justin and 2 mommys adrianna, and carmen and i love them all.!! it melted my heart, he at such a young age without anyone neither me nor carmen tell him about anything he get it. no we do not kiss or hold hands in front of joziah, but when we do its good for ziah to actually see mommy happy, for the many that have known me for a while know the deep depression i was in when i was with justin. which im not in that depression anymore.. it feels good to finally be able to just openly say yes i am attracted to women and have the whole world know.

although my mom hates it, oh well she will have to live with it. it just feels different when you know you dont like men but you try because you HAVE to because of your mom and her big influence in my life, when i finally was able to move out and know that living without sperm doner was healthier for joziah i was able to express myself.! well i feel like im just rambling about nothing. i have attached a picture of carmen my wonderful girlfriend.


previous entry: _//. a picture perfect day like today :)

next entry: _// <3

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