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Love my two boys <3
by Mommyto3

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_//. a picture perfect day like today


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So today, was a pretty awesome day, my cousin and i went out to chipotle ( heaven sent from above ) and ate food. duuh, spent some time with my godmother ( my cousins mom, whom yes is also my aunt, she is my moms older sister) carmen got home around 4 from her meeting at work, ( i said she worked at mcdonalds.. she is the manager ) and then we just took joziah to chuck e chesse, carmen has like a millions bag full of coins, from when micky ds did arcade games, well we had a blast managed to get joziah 800 tickets and he got a spiderman puzzle, got a few things from the dollar store, and came back home. small day but it all ended AWESOME, any who, was able to clean our room today, we have so much clothes, ok ok ok I HAVE SO MUCH CLOTHES and no where to put it because we dont have a bedroom set just yet, so i had to organize everything. look better now i have to go to bed, carmen wakes up at 530am tomorrow for another meeting -__- and joziah has speech in the am, i also must go back to school to be able to fix my resume good thing about my school they help with that, and help me find WORK wooohoooo.! super excited, well on that note, good night bloop

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previous entry: _//missed you guys :)

next entry: _//. two moms are better than one

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