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Today Is Where My Book Begins
by A Brand New Chapter

previous entry: 28 March, 2018 -- Wednesday

Delivery, Meals, Rambling...


Furniture is set to be delivered Friday! Only problem is that the old couch is not being picked up until Saturday morning wah wah wahhhhhh We managed to get the ottoman tale thang and now we are searching for a cabinet of some type for the components of the entertainment center we are getting rid of, ya know, the entertainment center of doom (caused us the Halloween trip to the ER).

It is almost 11, and about 25 minutes ago, B told E she should come down and eat… Only when I walked back into the kitchen, she was making a half of a sandwich… ?? It is breakfast time! Even on the early side for brunch! And we likely won’t east until 6 or later, so… O.o P just came down, having showered after B made her get up, and she had a banana. D on the other hand is still downstairs… And I need to go do laundry. B ran out to grab the last few things off of the grocery list for tomorrow, and stop at Best Buy for the rest of the things he needs for hanging the TV. Today is cleaning day, and also egg coloring. B picked out a high-gloss dye/coloring (maybe more of a paint? Ionno yet), which we have never done before, so I hope it comes out cool. The only downer was I didn’t notice any pastel-y colors on the box… O.o

The kids apparently went to lunch with their mom yesterday, and ate at like 3 o’clock… We had dinner ready to go at 6:30, but they were barely hungry. Except D. Of course. And they had taken D’s gf with them *eyeroll who seems to chime in way too much on the parenting while she is with them (and tries when she has been here too). I guess E threw a fit (?!?! She would never do this with us, but once she did make a comment about this same thing) because she was given a kid cup of soda… Well… you ARE 8… This is because her mother lets her wear make-up all the time and lets her wear heels and shit… Let her take her time growing up, damn. She babies her but them lets her do this shit. THEN she ordered off of the regular menu. And proceeded to eat two whole bites of her burger LMAO. This is because she lets her do whatever she wants and lets her run the show! Idiot! But yeah, apparently D’s gf jumped in to talk to her when she started complaining about the cup… WHY ARE YOU TALKING? She has a mother and a father? THEY can do that shit. Obvs we can’t stand her ass. All that to say… good thing I didn’t put forth a great effort with dinner last night. I made enough meatballs early in the week to do them for just the three of us, and then with the kids one night. I only had to heat it all up and boil pasta water.

D is up and eating… lunch. What is wrong with these kids? I packaged up all of the opened and unopened cereal to give to CJ. They specifically asked for certain cereals and I am tired of wasting food. Especially at $4 per box. There was one box under there and the best by date was lat week. The other one I think has until sometime in April… Grrrr!! Again, thanks to their mom for always making them breakfast… Not that it is okay occasionally, but at 17 and 14, they should be able to make a fucking egg, toast, or pour some cereal. She is making them super fucking lazy. She told B one day that she thinks maybe she does too much for them. I’m SURE he coddled her though! Because as much as he bitches about her, he does the same shit he complains about other people doing! He handles her with with kid gloves (much of the time), and then talks shit.

Okay, coffee is about done, my half bagel is done, time to get cracking! Happy weekend/Easter!

previous entry: 28 March, 2018 -- Wednesday


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