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internet confessional 3.0
by girlsetsfire

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i am a nightmare and you are a miracle. [photo]


well, i made it through work! i was scheduled to work this weekend, but i said fuck it and gave my shifts away. honestly, given the crazy pace we work on weekends, i'd rather just... not. so today was my last day. i took in a cake, which always makes people happy.

i was having some... feelings earlier. i'm guessing they were braxton hicks contractions as they really didn't do much but make me wonder what the hell was going on. i haven't had anything regular, haven't had any sort of "show", no leaks, so i think kiddo is staying put, at least for another day. ideally i'd like for baby to wait till next week to show up - i'll be well-rested and have hit 39 weeks, josh will have more staff available to cover him at work - but i know that babies come when they come.
one of joshua's friends/employees had been crashing with us for the past week or so. terrible timing, but i felt badly for the poor girl, so i understood why josh said she could stay with us; she and her long term, live-in boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago (ultimately her choice) and he was being terrible about it. at any rate, she's gone now, and i'm so happy to have my house back. she was never (intentionally) an imposition, but it's nice to have all the bedroom doors open, and lay around naked if i so desire, things like that.
i have a feeling that my mom is going to invite herself up some time in the next couple of days. now that i'm done work, i think she's going to try to squeeze in a visit or 2 before i have the babe. i can't really complain, because i love her company, and i think it's adorable how excited she is to be a grandma.

previous entry: this is how we do it.

next entry: i'm sinking like a stone in the sea.

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That cake is cute! lol

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