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Where were you when...
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26 Jun 2009, 13:51
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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Since the death of MJ is taking over all forms of the media it got me thinking it was the same way when Princess Diana died. So I was wondering where were you when you heard she had died? What was your reaction?

I was 10 when she died. My family and I were having a movie night and we made a huge bed area on the floor of our living room. We took the movie out and the news was on announcing she had passed. My mom literally fell apart. I didnt really understand and was confused. I was a 10 yr old american girl. So a princess from another country passing didnt really influence me. But I could tell she was loved by alot of people all over the world. Her funeral was huge. That is all i remember really.

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26 Jun 2009, 16:59
Lily-my one and only
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i don't know how old i was when she died. (i'm 24 now)
i know i was old enough to understand someone important died, but i was annoyed that my parents made me watch the news. (so i'm thinking around 11)
i specifically remember my parents saying "this is very important, you should sit and watch the news, one day you'll tell your kids where you wre the day princess diana died."

i sat all morning in their bedroom and watched the news.

i remember more specifically sept 11th. now THAT is something i'll distinctly remember, and feel the pain of that day whenever i look back on it
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26 Jun 2009, 21:42
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Agreed. I know it was the beginning of my freshman year of high school. I was 13 *I'm 25, so you're right you were around 11/12 depending on your birthday*

I have no idea where I was when she died. I remember the teacher in my first period class telling us about it.

I also clearly remember that teacher making a MUCH bigger deal out of John Denver's death. I mean, she came to school all red faced and puffy eyed from crying, and kept having to take breaks from her lecture.
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27 Jun 2009, 23:33
Lily-my one and only
Post Count: 62
i have no idea who john denver is :-/ lol
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28 Jun 2009, 05:07
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Really? He's a musical icon. I was never a fan, because I'm not really into that kind of old folky type of music, but John Denver dying was big news. Obviously, not as big as Princess Di. hehe
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26 Jun 2009, 18:02
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I was 10 too. My dad came and told me when I was in bed. I said 'oh' and went back to sleep. ;D

I think she was an amazing woman BUT the media over here have done her story to death. So whenever I see another new story about her on the front page I'm just like FFS.

I remember watching the funeral on the TV and something that I never understood and still don't is why so many people broke into hysterics. If you are the dead person's child/partner/parent, that must make you angry. They didn't know her, and here they are, going on as if they were best friends. I find it really odd, this public outpouring of grief for someone nobody personally knew. I read an amazing article on it once but no idea where I found it.
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26 Jun 2009, 21:45
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I agree.

I mean, we can all mourn the loss of someone that was obviously a great person, someone that we were lucky to have in the world.

BUt you know, this may be bitchy of me, but when people break down over a celebrity, someone they may have respected but never actually MET, it suggests to me that they've never known real pain in their lives. I can clearly remember the day my first foster mother died. Or the day my adoptive father died. I remember being sick, and numb, and in the case of my father's death, having a complete meltdown in the middle of Wal Mart. Crying for days. And THAT kind of heartbreak is what I see in the faces of some of these people over the death of someone they never knew!

I'll never understand it.
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26 Jun 2009, 18:21
*Forever Changing*
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Wow, we were doing the same thing! It was my sisters birthday, and my mother was raised in England for 5 years before she immigrated here with my Grandmother, so when it was announced my mom started sobbing. My mom flew back to England so she could stand outside with millions of other people suring the funeral.
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26 Jun 2009, 20:31
Mary Magdelene
Post Count: 506
I was 21, and at home taking care of a newborn baby. My roommate had just gotten home from work and told me to turn on the television. I was saddened by it because I thought she was an amazing, wonderful person. But I wasn't saddened to the point where I mourned for weeks after, like some people did. That kind of grief over someone you never knew doesn't make sense to me.
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26 Jun 2009, 23:00
Post Count: 1938
I was 7 when she died, and I didn't really process what happened until about a year later.
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27 Jun 2009, 02:38
Post Count: 885
Me too.
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27 Jun 2009, 01:19
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
I was 5 months pre with my first child living in Maryland. My husband and I were set to go on a trip with my parents up in PA the next morning. that afternoon the news broke of the accident. I watched for awhile, holding out hope. I mean they surely would have the medical know how to save her right?
Later that night/early morning I was laying in bed unable to sleep (suffer from insomnia) and the song that was playing suddemly stopped and it was dead silence for a second or two before the Dj managed to choke out the words that the AP was just reporting that Diana, former princess of Wales, mother of two young sons had died, that they couldnt not save her no matter what they did, injuries were too great. I called mom and let her know and the entire way up to our destination we talked about her life.
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27 Jun 2009, 23:04
Eat Yellow Snow
Post Count: 216
I was about 12 years old or so.. my mother was a HUGE fan of Princess D's, she was absolutely devastated when she heard the news of her unfortunate passing. My mother recorded the funeral service (that was on t.v.) to a video tape (which eventually, it was taped over years down the road). My mother seemed to have looked up to Princess D quite a bit, she was like one of her many role models. ♥
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28 Jun 2009, 02:52
Designs by Jess
Post Count: 27
I was ten as well.
My family was in New London, WI on a camping trip.
My dad, mom and I jumped in my dad's truck to go shower and stuff.
I heard it on the radio while my parents were talking and I said "mom a princess died."
She stopped talking and went 'what?' I said "a princess died, listen."
She listened for a minute to the radio and started freaking out.
She loved Diana :(
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28 Jun 2009, 05:04
Post Count: 102
i honestly don't remember when that was or how old i was
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26 Jun 2009, 14:18
Post Count: 9
I remember getting in trouble that night for having stayed up to watch Saturday Nigh Live. I didn't know much about her other than seeing her get married and wanting my wedding dress, specifically her train, to be exactly like hers. I realized her death touched a lot of people. I was too young to really be sad but I remember images of the funeral.
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26 Jun 2009, 16:16
Hayley McBayley
Post Count: 76
I remember waking up early one day and turning the TV on and it was on every channel. I was only 8 so I didn't really get what had happened at first, but I kept watching it. My Mum came downstairs a couple of hours later, so I told her and she started crying. I think it upset me but I guess I was too little for it to really affect me, I also remember watching the funeral on hearing Elton John sing.
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26 Jun 2009, 16:19
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
I was 12, yo! And I was tidying my room with my dad. My cousin who was living with us at the time, rushed in and went: "The princess is dead!" We thought he was joking, but turned on the TV in curiosity, and there were lots of images outside the French Hospital and Kensington Palace of people laying flowers.

Even back then I was a bit obsessed with history and the Royal family. But I wasn't in the least bit sad. Even aged 12 I didn't do many emotions. I thought it was bad for her sons.

Nobody seems to remember the amount of bad press she was having in the UK at the time, for her string of men. But I totally remember it because it was around this time that I'd started reading the newspapers religiously. The UK tabloids are cruel at the best of times, and they were all over her, slating her frolicking on the beach with a Muslim (which at the time was pretty shocking stuff even if it was only 11 years ago!) and for stealing Will Carling from his wife.

On the day she died I remember reading the Sunday Mirror. It came with a free magazine which had been published the week before in anticipation for its Sunday release. Of course it wouldn't have known she was going to die on Sunday, so it was full of catty comments and pictures of her on a boat with Dodi AlFayed. One was even having a go at her weight!!!

I think our newsagent should have taken it out of the paper when the news broke that she had died. I imagine the people at the Sunday Mirror would have demanded it, they probably did, as nobody else seems to have seen this magazine released on the day she was killed! But our newsagent either forget or didn't care, because there it was, left in the centre of the newspaper, completely contrasting with verything the newspaper said that day. Criticising her life had turned into lamenting her death in the blink of an eye. The same thing hapenned the second Jade Goody fell sick. So Diana's death was probably my first realisation of how fickle the British press and therefore the British people can be.

About 2 days after she died, my dad took us to lay flowers at Kensington Palace. It was crazy. Mostly full of Americans, crying. I've never seen so many flowers in all my life. They were about 200 deep, and 10 foot high. I watched the funeral on TV with my nan. She cried a bit. I'd never seen her cry before or since, and I honestly thought "Seriously!? You didn't know her! WHY are you crying?" London was insane that day. I don't think it has been so busy since, yo!
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26 Jun 2009, 18:06
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Haha gosh the media over here is a joke. They hate you, and then the second you die; OH what an INSPIRATION she was! Happened with Jade Goody as well, but she was a talentless idiot so the media were right to begin with ;D
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26 Jun 2009, 18:18
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
Our press IS a joke. And this is coming from a trained journalist!!

Like, did you know that photos of Diana injured and bleeding in the car were heading to the front pages of the tabloids for that morning's papers? They were bought from photographers at the scene for SIX FIGURE sums.

But moments before the paper went to press at about 4am, the editor of The Sun got a phone call to say Diana had died in hospital. And while it is apparantly perfectly moral to place photos of people dying and bleeding all over the fronts of the papers, it is not OK to put pictures of fatal injuries on the front page of the UK press. So they changed the front page to something "less intrusive."

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26 Jun 2009, 16:49
Post Count: 140
Sadly enough I can't tell you where I was. When she died I had no idea who she was.

I just remember her being on the news forever, on every single channel and interfering with my TV shows (I was a kid ya know)
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26 Jun 2009, 17:13
Post Count: 378
I was at a local markets..had heard on the news she had been injured..they made a public announcement at the markets that she had died...
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26 Jun 2009, 19:46
Post Count: 1096
In the car with my dad, we were just pulling into the drive way and they announced it on the radio, so I went into the screaming "Mum princess Di is dead" I would of been, about 7.
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26 Jun 2009, 21:00
Post Count: 210
i was about 11 i think, at home. i don't remember the exact moment, but i remember the funeral because my grandad was sad (my grandmother had died recently too) and it made me sad to see him upset and i remember going to my room and crying.
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26 Jun 2009, 21:34
Post Count: 460
I have no idea where I was when i heard the news.
but i do remember shortly after I was on the buss, talking with someone who said she was murdered, because she didnt have the reptilian bloodline. ...i was like oh boy here we go again.......
the bloodlines are a bit strange, even Obama has the Royal bloodline, as do most american presidents.
I'm not sure what I make of that, other than a type of golf club for the elitist family name. u dig blood
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