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Pointless things you learnt in school.
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15 Jun 2009, 21:32
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You will use math everyday of your life, bullshit I only use it for basic stuff.
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15 Jun 2009, 22:01
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Workstudies (how to constuct a resume and participate in an interview) - it was a "cop out" class. I took it in year 12 because it was an easy A and would bring my grades up :)

Childcare - tasting and discussing baby foods, also finding appropriate ways to fold diapers. (3/4 of the girls in this class landed up getting pregnant a year later - convenient?)

There were some things in math that were pointless...while I think maths is important - there were just SOME subjects in maths that were pointless. I can see the point to doing the more complex things in the senior years (11&12)...but it was a bit stupid trying to teach us algebra and so on in years 8,9 and 10 when half the class didn't know BASIC multiplication and addition equations (yeh, I was clearly in a GREAT school system)
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15 Jun 2009, 22:59
[mandie knickers]
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okay, see that's why i was asking. i was pretty sure that we didn't really use it here in the states, but i didn't want to come off looking like a dumbass when i knew there was a large probability that it was used differently other countries.

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16 Jun 2009, 07:52
vatten mö
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SOME math...unless you are going to use different types of advanced math, it is not necessary for everyone to learn. I'd specifically point out binary/mayan & egyptian math systems that aren't used nowadays. I don't like math either...if that explains anything. Haha.
SOME art...unless it is age appropriate and you want to learn it. This is coming from someone who loved art classes and took them as much as possible. I went to a small school who "conveniently" labeled their craft classes as "design" classes just so they could get more state funds. The students weren't fooled by the label at all, haha. All of my high school years, we did the same things each year in art class. Some of it was interesting...some of it was boring and repetitive. Enough said. I learned more about art in my first art class in college.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I did okay in most subjects. Math is the only one that gave me any problem. I did have child development/home-ec (basic & advanced) classes throughout high school. There were agriculture classes and business classes as well...but I chose not to take those in particular. It just wasn't my thing. I could have benefited from them but I didn't want to at the time. I had some great teachers who obviously cared for their students and I've had some terrible teachers. Some of them I could respect despite their "talent" at teaching others. Some of them, I didn't have an ounce of respect for...and probably never will. I am still in contact with some of the teachers I specifically liked in school. Learning, in general, is not pointless if you have a purpose for it. There are some things that are just interesting to learn about...point or no point. Enough said.
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16 Jun 2009, 11:50
Acid Fairy
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This is a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci; 'Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.'
I think that is so true.
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16 Jun 2009, 12:02
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One yeat I took physical Recreation... it was sports but like pool and tenpin bowling and such and I wagged most of the last term because I didn't want to play golf bahahhaha... Now how will I EVER play a game of golf!
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16 Jun 2009, 20:32
my favorite axe.
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I think there are a lot of classes that sound great in theory, but in actuality suck.

Like my food service class. So, cooking is a good skill to have. However, the class sucked. The first two months were all boring health stuff - food diseases {okay, useful, but so damn boring!}, eating fruit & veggies, digestive stuff...nothing I couldn't easily Google. We also did some assignment were we cut a bunch of words & pictures from magazines to from our idea of the perfect spouse...heaven only knows what that had to do with food service!!

The rest of the time, we cooked once a week - sometimes we all made the same thing {like cinnamon rolls}; sometimes we chose what we got to make. I remember one time, my team chose to make grilled cheese & Slice&Bake cookies. Because, um, I hadn't spent oh, I don't know, at least 10 years of my life making grilled cheese.

The only thing that was good about that class was that it was right before lunch, so the days we cooked, I didn't have to buy lunch since I had already eaten. Oh, we also learned that stoves stay hot for awhile after you turn them off, so if your cookies are down, you shouldn't leave them in there because they'll turn brown.

Speech and debate would have been another good one, and the teacher was good too; however, it was known as a BS class, so the students didn't take the class seriously. There's no point to debating with someone if they could care less who wins & if the judges are just going to vote for their friends {this is how I ended up second place in one of the debate contests - my partner was the hottest guy in the class, so when we won everyone debate until getting up to semi-finals where we made fools out of ourselves since we didn't even have a case!}.

Some classes would have been better if I had good teachers - World History, Biology, Physics. Now, Bio is pretty much useless to me; history is one of those things that could come up at a cocktail party but isn't really relevant to my field, but Physics is definitely important, and I never really had a good Physics teacher, which is not a good thing.

Some classed I adored - like Chemistry - but they're not really useful to my field. As fun as it is, stoichiometry is probably never going to up in any of my classes/jobs.

I have more to say,but I have to get to work, so I'll be back. xD
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17 Jun 2009, 02:54
kein mitleid
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Much of the world history I was forced to learn was pretty useless. I could care less about Mesopotamia (Iraq), feudalism, etc. It seems that American schools in particular neglect Asian history entirely, despite at one point having the largest continuous empire, technology hundreds of years in advance of the west, and a culture so rich and fascinating, it demands attention. (Partiality note: I am Asian.) Anyway, I could have done without most of my history courses -- the only one I found useful was AP US Government -- we studied precedent-setting supreme court decisions.
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