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31 May 2009, 12:18
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You don't need a birth certificate to leave the country. You need a passport though.
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31 May 2009, 13:05
vatten mö
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Until the new law goes into effect this June, it was what was needed to cross the U.S./Mexico border. I know this because I have been on mission trips there multiple times since 2001. I know that is about to change though.
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31 May 2009, 13:50
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Is that just for Americans? I can't imagine many travellers from outside the US would take their birth certificate with them when travelling.

It's definitely not required to cross between the US and Canada, because I've done that several times. Mostly flying, but once by car, and we always needed our passports, but never birth certificates (we are British though, so is perhaps different if you're American).
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31 May 2009, 17:19
vatten mö
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Maybe it is. I was just posting from my experiences.
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1 Jun 2009, 18:04
+& HelloKatie
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I believe that prior to today, Americans traveling to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean by land or sea could do so with a photo ID and proof of American citizenship (birth certificate). From today forward we will need a passport/a passport card to travel to these countries by any mode of transportation.

I don't have direct experience with using a birth certificate to travel internationally, as I have always used my passport.
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31 May 2009, 07:06
vatten mö
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Oh, and make sure your names match exactly on any coordinating forms of ID. It could possibly cause problems otherwise. Not always-just if the authorities choose to make it a problem.
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31 May 2009, 07:15
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Oh the names DO MATCH, I had my name legally changed at 16 years old and Dan knows. Plus when I finally signed the papers they sent a new birth certificate I never got to see the old one, they never let me. I am sort of excited to go though, I wonder if they have any pictures of my birth, I am sure they must if Jane wanted to keep me and wasn't able to, and since it was an open adoption. I know my parents have photos around of me at 3 days old so its no bi deal if Dan doesn't.
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31 May 2009, 09:06
Jessica [Private]
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Depends on where you're going.

If you're flying out of the country you need a passport now, period.
They dont let you use your birth certificate + ID like they do when you're driving over the border to say, Canada or something.

As far as I'm aware, when picking up an airline ticket, a photo ID should be perfectly fine.
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1 Jun 2009, 04:03
Beautiful Lies
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Apparently the forums didn't want me to post? I hit the button and it took me to the forums main page. LAME. Let's try this again.

All you will need for a domestic US flight is some sort of State issued photo identification card. A State ID card, State Driver's License, State Permit (if you're too young for a license or in the process of getting your drivers license) or a Passport. I believe Military ID's work as well.
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2 Jun 2009, 21:51
- misseriin*
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In Canada we need a passport with birth certificate.
Starting yesterday Canadians MUST have a passport to fly into the USA. They won't even let you on the plane if you don't have one. Even with a passport it wasn't super easy
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