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Do some people go too far on Facebook?
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12 May 2009, 14:30
The Ryan
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Question of the Day: Do some people go too far on Facebook?

I logged into my newsfeed today and saw one of the best things I have read all week:

I wondered for a moment if she meant he'd slept with a slut ("the village bike") or an actual 17-year-old cycle. I imagine that BOTH would be rusty, awkward experiences with the promise of infection afterwards. But whatever floats your boat, yo!

Anyway, myself, the girl who wrote this, and the girl she wrote it to, have around 110 mutual friends. So it's likely that 110 other people woke up to discover this information on their homepage this morning.

I'm not sure it's the kind of information I'd want AT LEAST 110 people to discover about any recent partners of mine. But that is because I'm more NORMAL than I let on.

It is also pretty tragic that this girl, who to all intents and purposes is probably going through a painful crisis: the realisation that her ex of 2 years has got intimate with a hussy just hours after them spitting up, and that now myself, 110 people on facebook, and many more people on HERE are now giggling over their cornflakes at her shameless candour.

Suddenly it is not her free-wheeling ex (excuse the pun!) that is up for judgement. But it is her, and her sympathy whoring ways.

My girlfriend also saw it on her newsfeed and immediately text me the message: "HAHAHA! Did you see what ******* has written on ******'s wall!? Funny as fuck!" So I know I'm not the only one cruelly laughing like a jackal.

It is a personal conviction of mine, that if you want to be taken seriously you must never take yourself seriously. This involves NEVER writing exactly what your ex has done all over the internet.

So, WHY do people do it? Why do certain members of our Facebook friends feel the need to broadcast their own sorry denouements to everyone they know IRL?

And here's the contradiction: Why do I find it OK to expose myself in such ways to strangers on the internet via a blog, but I laugh for hours at those whom do it to those they know via facebook? ;D

But anyway. Back to today's question: Do you think that some people go too far on facebook? Are you guilty of it yourself? What is crossing the line when it comes to divulging information on facebook? What is the BEST thing in terms of making you think "I'M SO GLAD I'M NOT YOU!" that you've ever seen on there?

And just for good measure, here is another cracker that I had to screen cap and save in my "Funny things!" file:

Is there really a need? Embarrassing people like that make me glad I woke up. ;D

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12 May 2009, 15:21
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
LOL... well, THEY have gone too far :P
Although... Number 1 prolly forgets that the whole world can see! Number 2 probably wants the whole world to see haha.

I've busted my mum whinging about me on my uncles wall :P That was too far! Came up in my newsfeed and I'm thinking... my mums bagging me on facebook... and I can see it! Thing is, she's a dope and didn't KNOW I could see it and when I told her she decided I was spying on her :P

Ahhhh gotta love facebook... You clearly have some fantastically amusing people on yours!
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12 May 2009, 16:30
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Haha I see plenty of stuff like that on my news feed, although thankfully with better grammar ;) It keeps me entertained for hours!
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13 May 2009, 02:16
Post Count: 61
I'd never post personal details on Facebook. A lot of my "friends" on there are family and the rest are real life friends. Theres only one internet person on my facebook so there are certain things I'd keep to myself! My Dad doesn't need to know the details of my sex life.
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14 May 2009, 03:42
Post Count: 322
My future father in law is on my face book. I am extremely careful now about what I post, and what I allow others to post on my website.
My fiance, will post random comments on his myspace.. like the other night.. "just got bit" - and hmm, what do you think it implied? yeah, my best friend was texting me asking me if I had just bit him, and you can imagine where that went. I was slightly irritated with him. Bleh!
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14 May 2009, 15:25
tumbling;echo xx
Post Count: 39
I imagine that BOTH would be rusty, awkward experiences with the promise of infection afterwards.

That made me laugh out loud. haha
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14 May 2009, 17:50
Mojo Jojo
Post Count: 278
All my friends are so boring :(
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12 May 2009, 14:39
.Broken Angela.
Post Count: 114
Yeah some people go way to far on there. Defently to start drama too! I ended up deleting a friend of mine because his wife started calling me a dumbass and what not shes so immature she even caused him to choose her over his own mom. She cuts everyone down in his family and she will post anything just to get something out of someone so she can start a argument over facebook its just plain ol stupidness i cant stand that and he does it too so he ended up being off of my friends list. I know this girl that lives down the street from me and she will put on there that shes goin to kill herself and what not. Also she puts on there that she loves my neighbors yeah..some things dont need to be posted on there seriously! lol.
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12 May 2009, 14:48
i blame mac
Post Count: 136
It's shit like that, that makes me glad I don't have facebook. All it is a way to create drama and rifts in friendships/relationships. It's immature and a complete waste of time. That being said, I feel like I should go make dinner.
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12 May 2009, 15:05
*amour de bebe*
Post Count: 235
Well yesterday I logged on to facebook to find a girl who i went to high school with posted pics of her "special friends" manly hood, I mean WTF?! Like I need to see that, like ANYONE needs to see that. She put as the title of the album "I hope he's not mad..." Just like WTF?! I had to remove her. I'm sorry but some things should just be kept private!!
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14 May 2009, 18:59
Post Count: 2651
That's just WEIRD!
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12 May 2009, 15:20
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
Some people have no shame when it comes to airing their dirty laundry out for practically everyone to see. Almost my entire family now has facebook, so I have to use a lot of discretion regarding what I post.
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12 May 2009, 15:54
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i think people forget about the news feed. as more people i know in the offline world interact on facebook i don't divulge as much information as i might on bloop.
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12 May 2009, 16:07
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
I think some don't understand the concept of a private wall to wall and a generalized wall to wall conversation.

Personally what I cant stand is all of those little quizes that pop up that people in my friends list do. Some of them do more then a dozen a day (cant say I have never done one or two in a single day when bored though lol )
Or how if a friend posts a status message and you comment on it. You get everyone else's comment in your feed as well! There's no need for me to know all of that.
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13 May 2009, 06:28
Post Count: 204
I hate that. Facebook has become the stalker's paradise.

But the only place I announce personal stuff is here. Basically the way I see it is, if I wouldn't announce it at a party or a family gathering, then it probably doesn't belong on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or anything else like them.
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13 May 2009, 07:26
Post Count: 132
haha I am very guilty of doing a heap of those quizzes! I know it pisses people off, but they entertain me!
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14 May 2009, 18:49
Post Count: 58
but you don't have to publish them to the newsfeed! you can just click 'skip' and entertain yourself with the quizzes without filling your friends' newsfeeds with them.
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14 May 2009, 22:07
Post Count: 132
yeah but that's so boring :D why else do I sit on facebook, if not to annoy my friends with pointless quizzes
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14 May 2009, 22:54
Post Count: 885
I actually love it when my friends do those, because it gives me some to do when I'm bored ;-D.
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16 May 2009, 02:04
Post Count: 247
Me too, though most of them I wont post to the wall, unless they are really good.
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13 May 2009, 03:52
Post Count: 30
I don't put private information on facebook, or anywhere else on internet. I don't feel the need to disclose my private stuffs to anyone, unless they come up and ask me about it. But it always depends whether I feel that the person is trustable or not. Most of the time I keep things to myself.

I have not seen any private information on facebook either. I guess my friends don't feel the need to announce to the world about such private information. We Singaporeans are very conservative. :P
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13 May 2009, 04:40
Post Count: 274
Thanks to facebook, I found out a highschool friend's sister got alcohol poisoning....... and laughed about it. yes, people go too far.
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13 May 2009, 05:17
Post Count: 274
i just realized it looks as though i laughed at her. i meant that she laughed about it.
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13 May 2009, 05:12
vatten mö
Post Count: 43
People definitely go to far sometimes...either due to ignorance of who all can see what they post or indifference for others' reactions to their posts. You are going to find that on most any site (or in real life) though. Everyone has a filter regarding what they do or do not say. Some people's filter just has bigger holes than others.
On facebook, I know most of the people on my friend list. If I don't know them, there is a strong mutual acquaintance. I have family members on there now too. I watch every word I say on a daily basis whether it be in real life or online. Enough said.
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14 May 2009, 13:51
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
wow, my facebook is boring compared to all of that XD

i have gotten into cat fights through friends facebooks before. this girl was talking trash about me on my FRIENDS facebook, i saw it and we had words until he told us both to shut the fuck up on his facebook XD but thats the only time that happened
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