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17 Apr 2009, 14:50
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I just saw Lady May's entry on this topic and thought it'd be interesting to find out everyone's heritage.

Mine is Welsh, Irish, French, Italian and possibly German. We're almost certain there is some African in there too. Ooh how cosmopolitan am I? ;D

So what mix is everyone else?
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17 Apr 2009, 14:50
Post Count: 180
German, American Indian.
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19 Apr 2009, 22:52
[danielle electra.]
Post Count: 62
[Dad's side]: German [where my last name is from] & Puerto Rican.
[Mom's side]: French, Irish & Italian.

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20 Apr 2009, 04:32
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Ooh, I love this! :)

My dad is Hungarian (his mother) and Dutch (His father, it's where my last name comes from. :) or well, my orignal last name. hehe. my dad's great-grandparents changed it when they moved here!)
My mom is German and Irish. Both of her parents are half Irish, Half-German ;D
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17 Apr 2009, 15:40
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
Welsh parents
Irish grandfather (dad's side)
Greek great-grandfather (mother's side)

And that's about it, really! Very Celtic and a bit of Med makes for some feisty Ryan! ;D
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17 Apr 2009, 16:48
Post Count: 30
Chinese (dad's side)
Chinese (mum's side)
And I'm probably 1/4 Peranakan because my maternal great grandfather is a Peranakan.
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17 Apr 2009, 16:49
Post Count: 30
was* a Peranakan.
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17 Apr 2009, 19:04
Mami 2 ♥ 1
Post Count: 361
paternal grandparents are puerto rican maternal g-ma is mexican american maternal g-pa is irish and german
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17 Apr 2009, 19:23
The Narnian Ninja
Post Count: 44
Comanche,Cherokee,Dutch,Irish,and German
on my mom's side,her real dad was full Comanche,an her mom was full Cherokee.(or it was the other way around,i dont remember)
on my dad's side, his dad is Dutch an German,an dad's real mom was Irish.
sucky thing?i take after the Irish/german part..pale skin and light eyes an hair lmao. damn
woot woot i am a giant multicultural mutt :D
got to spend quite a few summer's on the Cherokee reserve that was fun :D
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17 Apr 2009, 20:02
Hayley McBayley
Post Count: 76
My Mum is English and my Dad is American....I think I have some Irish in me too somewhere but I think that's about it lol
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20 Apr 2009, 04:37
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Hehe, American ;D
Where did his family come from before they were in America?
Most of us here don't say we're American ;D
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17 Apr 2009, 20:03
Post Count: 1096
Both my parents are english
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17 Apr 2009, 20:03
♥ Hollie
Post Count: 33
Irish and Italian.
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18 Apr 2009, 01:17
something amazing.
Post Count: 105
On my mom's side is Swedish and Norweigan (trace amounts of German, but very little). On my dad's side.... well... that's a mystery. My dad always said we were Italian and Spanish with some other Euro stuff. When he died, my aunts told us he thought they were Italian because his mom made spaghetti and we were Spanish, French and German. Well.... I had someone start my family tree on and it says that we're actually MEXICAN and Spanish, no French. Haha... So on my dad's side... I have no idea!
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18 Apr 2009, 01:24
Minda Hey Hey™
Post Count: 330
English, Irish, French and German. I'm sure there are others, but those are the main ones. My paternal grandma actually moved here to the U.S. from England when she was in her late teens I think.

My great grandma on my mom's side is from Louisiana [okay, I know I spelled that wrong] so I guess I might have a little bit of southern in me too hahaha. I'm not sure how that works though.
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18 Apr 2009, 01:40
Post Count: 107
I found out a few years ago,due to a school project, what my heritage is.
Irish,French,German,Dutch....and there's another that I cant
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18 Apr 2009, 05:15
Post Count: 204
Chippewa, Menominee, and Irish.
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18 Apr 2009, 05:20
Eat Yellow Snow
Post Count: 216
Wow, everyone's a mutt now days!! Anyway, I'm Norwegian, French, & Welsh. :D :D :D
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18 Apr 2009, 05:23
Post Count: 308
To my knowledge, I'm just plain ol' Irish. I have my suspicions about some English thrown in there somewhere too, though.
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18 Apr 2009, 05:46
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
I am an Australian :P (in other words, a mutt, hehe)

My maternal grandmothers family came from Scotland, and grandfathers family came from England
My paternal great-grandfather is from Wales, and paternal great-grandmother was from Australia and we're not really sure where her family came from when they came out to Australia.
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18 Apr 2009, 08:53
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
haha. whenever people ask me my heritage [usually old greek/italian blokes at work asking if i'm greek/italian] i usually say "scottish and and some random junk" ;D
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18 Apr 2009, 06:06
Post Count: 239
irish and german. though my great grandmother's maiden name, thomas, i think is an english name. so i have some of that too, i reckon!
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18 Apr 2009, 16:25
Post Count: 1096
its a welsh name
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18 Apr 2009, 16:26
Post Count: 239
oh really? cool :)
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18 Apr 2009, 07:41
Post Count: 507
Well, half my bloodline came to the US from England, and the other half from Ireland. heh
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