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What is your food/drink addiction?
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22 Apr 2009, 01:34
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amen to that!
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22 Apr 2009, 03:10
Post Count: 571
YES!!! ZOMG, you need the old QUESO for everything.
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21 Apr 2009, 04:09
Post Count: 6
Mountain Dew and bottled Starbucks vanilla Frappucino!
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21 Apr 2009, 05:08
Post Count: 17
Lemonade pouch and honey nut cheerios with Hershey's.
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21 Apr 2009, 06:16
Post Count: 274
wild cherry pepsi. it's like a comfort thing.
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21 Apr 2009, 13:35
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I second the wild cherry pepsi! But I drink sweet tea like its cocaine.
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22 Apr 2009, 01:30
Lunar Sea
Post Count: 128
I got through phases of obsessing over certain types of food. It's not particularly healthy but I used to quite happily eat the same meal every night for months. Other times I'll go nuts over a few days and then get over it. Two days of eating nothing but jelly (or jell-o for those freaks across the big blue thing ;)) was one of the more interesting experiments.

Currently my big downfall is banoffee pie. They do a particular brand in Spar that I can just om nom nom. I'll eat the whole pie, it's scandalous. Sainsbury's bakery cookies often get me (all soft and chewy).

My biggest drink is always water, but currently I have a real soft spot for coffee and cream. I'm off caffeine so it's decaf, but still... That is my hug in a mug.

Green tea is also good. When I'm on a green tea binge I'll get through scary amounts of the stuff.

Given my epic sweet tooth combined with an underactive thyroid gland, it's pretty impressive that I'm not a whale. Possibly helped by the fact that I forget to eat from time to time!
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22 Apr 2009, 02:36
Post Count: 7
McDonals vanilla iced coffee with 2 extra pumps of vanilla.
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22 Apr 2009, 16:39
Post Count: 5
Juice! I LOVE juice! any kind! And blueberry muffins are definitely my food addiction. Yum I think I am going to go make some right now
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29 Apr 2009, 19:28
Post Count: 196
oh I lovvvve juice! I have really sensitive tastebuds though so if it's juice with additives I have to water it down d:
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22 Apr 2009, 19:45
britt surveys
Post Count: 3
Velvet cake.
Energy drinks.
Duck sauce.

Mmmm... :)
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29 Apr 2009, 18:19
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Duck sauce...? lol. well ok.
I think i would have to say:
2.Turkey Hill Iced Tea
3. Hershey's Cookies n' Cream chocoalte bar...
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