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20 years later, this thing STILL exists..
by Stbluesboy

I'm William, creator of this pretty much neglected diary/blog. I've been on Bloop for more than 20 something years now. I've survived both crashes, but in doing so it's left me a tad bit cautious about writing on here. Along with that, I often get the feeling that it's rather pointless writing about my life when people just read and leave. I didn't use to be like that, but it's kinda annoying now.

But, I guess I should clue you in about me. My life revolves around sports, mainly hockey and football. I used to be really into graphic design and making webpages, but I've started to lose interest in doing that. I have a layout diary on here as well, Eyegasmic Inc. but it's on indefinite hiatus as I hardly get any requests, and I really don't like just making general use layouts. I'm a hardcore gamer, when work allows me to be, usually I'm playing hockey, making little kids cry.. but that's it. You've gotten the jist of it.
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