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Your Job
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15 Apr 2009, 01:29
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I work in media at an advertising agency and I've been there for a little over 5 months now.

Favourite things: I feel like I'm always learning, and I like that feeling of accomplishment when I realise I've not only done something but learnt something too. It's also kindof fun to see advertisements that you bought and from your client around and know who's in charge of which medias. Another plus is when media representatives sends us christmas gifts and easter chocolates and stuff because they want us to remember them. :-D

Least favourite things: The working hours. We start at around 9:20am and leave earliest 7pm, but that's quite unlikely and often we end up having to work late. Also how everything is expected to be done by yesterday. And some of the people.
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15 Apr 2009, 01:31
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Oh yeah, and how could I forget another least favourite thing: they money. I'm still an intern so that doesn't help, but the pay is teeny tiny and not representative of how much work I do!
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15 Apr 2009, 01:46
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Yes, I don't like your hours either. They're so not fair for EITHER of us! Humft.

I should've mentioned that in mine too. TOO MUCH WORK FOR TOO LITTLE MONEY.
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15 Apr 2009, 02:09
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I work in a civilian role for Queensland police, same as Blue Bella does.
I get to talk to cops all day and we are responsible for the rcording of all crimes within the state.
Its not hard pays incredibley well...and no matter what the economy I know my job is hard times crime goes up ;)
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15 Apr 2009, 06:31
.Blue Bella.
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^^^ I work with Pagan for Queensland Police...
Queensland is a state of Australia and we cover the entire state. We're just awesome like that :P
I've been there a year and a half.

We get to talk to Police Officers all day and do the recording of their crimes... basically anything that is a criminal offence that can land you in court. It's a good thing we do it, because some coppers have terrible spelling hehehe :P

Pros: I find the system easy to work with (some don't... lol... in fact a lot hate it, but I'm a windows baby :P); I enjoy most of the people I get to talk to; job security - particularly in government, which is great for me as I have little formal education; great pay (I earn the same as people with degrees and I never even finished high school!!!!); and I guess you could say I quite enjoy knowing that I'm doing a good job and a service to the state ;) HAHA! Oh and the best thing - awesome juice bar around the corner LOL!

Cons: It's run by a bunch of women... this is not always a good thing!; we have to desk share... I hate that!; there is too much chocolate and lollies in the place to be good for anyone!

The idea for this thread: State your job, how long you've been there, what are your fave things about it and what are your least fave?
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15 Apr 2009, 02:20
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I'm a Senior Structural Drafts person for a steel framing company.

Fav things: It's challenging and I deal with architects and builders. I get to design interesting homes then engineer them.
The people here are cool, brutally honest sometimes which is a good thing. I feel like I'm needed here. The other drafties are funny too.

Least Fav things: The damn newbies, always pestering me! they are cool when they aren't asking questions about work.
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15 Apr 2009, 02:38
& skull.
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i work as a sales assistant at a liquor store. well more like a super market. i've been there around four months.

the best thing about working there are all the people i work with. everyone's friendly and helpful.

the worst thing is the customers, of course. the store is in a bit of a bummy area so some of the customers aren't all there. they just want their grog and will lose their shit if something goes wrong.
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15 Apr 2009, 02:41
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I am a production assistant at a candy company.

Ok... in all seriousness... there are only like 3 of us so we all do EVERYTHING but yeah. We make marshmallows and graham crackers and in the fall we make caramels. They are strictly sold online but we may soon be opening a retail store so we shall see if that changes my outlook on it.

I have been there for what will be 2 years in August.

Fav. Thing: The people I work with. My boss has a habit of hiring fun and interesting people so we are usually laughing a lot.

Least Fav. Thing: I have to drive almost an hour to get there and in the spring not many people order so we barely ever work.
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15 Apr 2009, 04:31
Beautiful Lies
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I'm a Team Leader at Target. It's like an assistant manager position. I currently manage the photo lab and guest services team, but in May I'll be moving to the sales floor to manage Domestics and Home Storage. I help the team out wherever needed. I've been a Team Lead since November (almost 6 months) but I've been with target for 8 years on May 17th *shudder.*

Likes: I like my team. I get to manage a great set of people. They're dependable and respect me, now that I've gone from their 'coworker' to their 'boss.' I get to do fun stuff like write my own schedule (yay!), place orders for the photo lab and write yearly reviews and all that jazz. I also like that I'm going to be moving to the floor. I actually had my first salesfloor training shift this evening... it's definitely different than working photo/guest services. Only closing the store one night a week, having rotating weekends and getting paid holidays.

Dislikes: pretty much everything else. Since I get to help the Service Desk I'm the one that gets called when someone doesn't get their way with a return and they start screaming for a manager. Those that know me know what kind of idiots come up to the service desk to return things. I honestly don't think one shift has gone by where I haven't been screamed at for something that really is out of my control. Because when someone loses a receipt it's clearly MY fault. Managing photo is awesome, it's the service desk that kind of kills me. As far as what I don't like about working the floor.... zoning. Not fun.
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15 Apr 2009, 06:12
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I used to work at Target, for 3 years actually. I was a team lead in softlines, but mainly the jewelry and lingerie department. Target was not a positive work place for me. It was when we had the first managers, then we got these idiots.
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15 Apr 2009, 12:57
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
yea it really depends. When I first transferred to my current store everything was great, good people good ETLs. Then of course they moved around all the ETL's to other stores and we got some of the worst Execs I've ever seen. Now we've got some really nice ones and a decent STL.
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15 Apr 2009, 13:21
Let It Be
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I am a Rite Aid associate. I've been there 2 and a half years or so. My favorite part is the people I work with, some of them are old enough to be my parent or grandparent, but I seriously work with the most kickass older people ever. I also like that its easy and I know how to do everything, its generally not stressful, and I know I could move up in the company if, god forbid, I can't find a decent job after I earn my degree. My least favorite part is the rude customers and my ridiculously low pay, also my boss when she profiles everyone who walks into the store that isn't White and rich. I can't wait to get out of that company and actually get paid a decent amount for working hard, but it is going to break my heart at the same time lol.
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15 Apr 2009, 15:23
panda bear.
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I work at EB Games in our local Mall... I'm a sales assistant. Been there 7 months now.

And I work at Boston Pizza here... been there maybe 2 and a half months
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15 Apr 2009, 18:24
Post Count: 308
EB's an awesome place to be, if you work with a good team.
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16 Apr 2009, 01:36
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
yeah! The people I work with are awesome =]
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19 Apr 2009, 14:52
lithium layouts.
Post Count: 836
EB Games? My boyfriend would be very jealous of you. xD
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19 Apr 2009, 15:11
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
Haha a lot of guys are jealous :P doesn't surprise me very much ;D
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15 Apr 2009, 16:45
Me, I'm Not
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I am a security guard at a fertilizer plant. I weigh trucks in and out and basically I'm just suppose to sit on my butt all day and deal with them. I would have to say the best part of my job is my schedule, 1:00pm-9:00pm, four days a week, until turn around. The worst part of my job is the drivers whining and turn around. I get to work 5:30p-8:30p, 7 days a week. :(
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15 Apr 2009, 16:48
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I work at Kohl's. I've been there for about 6 months now. My favorite part is all the people that I have met. I love pretty much all of my co-workers, and they have become friends outside of work which I love. I like the pay, but hate that I don't get very many hours because I'm a student. I HATE that the managers let the customers walk all over us. I pretty much hate every customer that walks in there because a majority of them know that they can be as rude as they want and we can't do anything back.
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16 Apr 2009, 02:54
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Do you get a lovely employee discount? If so, I envy youuuu xD.
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3 May 2009, 07:42
vatten mö
Post Count: 43
I used to work there. They fired me. Enough said. Haha.
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15 Apr 2009, 16:53
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I work at a local family owned pizza place.
In August I would be there for a year.

I like the atmosphere. I am the only female working in the kitchen, and my personality fits in with the rest of the guys.
I also like that if I need to get time off, or if something major comes up, its not a big deal to call in or get time off.

I dont like one particular idiot that I work with. He makes me stressed out with the stupid things he does or says.
I also dont like the pay. I could work there for 5 years, and I'll never get a raise.
Minimum wage, all the way.
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15 Apr 2009, 17:01
kein mitleid
Post Count: 592
I'm a contract-based covert operations specialist, have been for eight years.

My favorite thing is CLASSIFIED.

My least favorite thing is CLASSIFIED.
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15 Apr 2009, 17:17
Post Count: 63
I work in therapeutic child care for kids and teens.
Fave thing is working with the kids
Least fave thing is working with the kids
(lol, depends on the kids and the situation!)
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15 Apr 2009, 17:49
Post Count: 308
I'm the manager of a jewellery kiosk in the local mall. I don't have much to manage, though, because currently the owner and I are the only ones that work there. lol I've been there for two and a half years; I love it. We specialize in Sterling silver and semi precious stone jewellery, but we carry some body jewellery, coconut earrings, Italian charms, and a lot of other stuff too! I absolutely love educating people on the jewellery, or even simply helping them find what they really want, even if it carries them to another store. However, educating some people doesn't always work, because they've lived their lives believing a certain thing about the jewellery, and nothing I say will change that. It angers them, it frustrates me, and in the end, a customer is lost because they can't accept the truth.
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