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Your Job
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15 Apr 2009, 00:04
Acid Fairy
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The idea for this thread: State your job, how long you've been there, what are your fave things about it and what are your least fave?

I work as an after school assistant in a nursery. Only been there since January and I only work part time so not long.

The best bit about my job is that it's easy; aside from the tidying up, I get to play games with kids and help them make art. And the parents are always really thankful and friendly.

The worst bit is when a kid has been at nursery since 8am and doesn't go home till 6pm and keeps saying they want their mom. That makes me sad. Also, there is this one woman at work that I really don't get on with. She's the oldest there and never even introduced herself to me when I started. I found that so terribly rude, and now the only time she talks to me is to criticise me. Le sigh.
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15 Apr 2009, 01:32
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Your job sounds fun. :-D
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15 Apr 2009, 14:36
brooke !
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i'm a stay at home mom right now, because i just left my job. i left my job like.. a few days ago, before then i worked at abercrombie & fitch. my favorite part of being a stay at home mom is spending time with my son (my daughter is at school). i wouldn't say i have a least favorite thing, because in all honesty, it's my dream job. sure, there are some things i don't like, such as when my son has fits, but that's a part of life.
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15 Apr 2009, 15:09
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I'm a teacher at a day care center around here. Started about a month ago. So it's all new.

I love working with children. Especially the 3 year old's... mainly because most of them can use the 'potty'. No diapers!

The bad part would be the nasty diapers and the 2 year old class. I love them to death but they drive me nuts. Since I'm new, when we don't go outside, I don't know what to do to entertain them and keeping them from killing each other.
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16 Apr 2009, 01:13
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Right now I work part time as a therapist for a teenager with Autism. I pick up him up from school and we work on academic and social skills.
A big pro is the schedule, I work a short amount of time a day, and I get days off when they go out of town and things like that, unlike a 'regular' job.
My least favorite thing is the rough days like today, when he decides just not to listen/cooperate, as kids sometimes do. :-P It's frustrating.

I really have two jobs, my other one being a semester away from having my Master's in teaching. :-P It takes up most of my time. Right now 3 days a week I go straight from a whole school day spent with 5th graders at my lab placement, then straight to my student's house. The other 2 days I try to catch up on projects before picking up my student for therapy.

I am really looking forward to graduating. It's not easy, but I think I'll actually enjoy elementary teaching. For a long time I was afraid I couldn't find a job I really liked.
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16 Apr 2009, 14:50
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I work at the YMCA as a courtesy counter worker - so I answer phones, register for memberships and classes, etc...
I've been working there for 14 months now.
My favorite thing about my job is getting to talk to all the members. They're so amazing. And you get to know a lot of them by name, and learn about their lives - so from there you can develop jokes and such with them.
The thing I hate about my job is that I am also the first person people see when they come in with billing/money issues. And also if they didn't pay attention to our membership cancellation policy (which I always point out when signing people up) because we require a 30-days notice prior to their draft date to cancel - so they normally always have to pay for oone more month - and they get PISSED even though they initialed on their contract saying they agree to it, lol.
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18 Apr 2009, 09:34
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I work at a call center for electricity customer support. My least favorite thing is getting yelled at people cause they got dc cause they didn't pay there bill on time and the want their power back on RIGHT now, or being yelled at cause there are power outages in the area that are taking a long time to restore due to damage from stores. I'm not so sure there is a favorite thing, I guess it would have to be the silence in between phone calls that gives me time to read a book
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19 Apr 2009, 01:11
Eat Yellow Snow
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I am currently working in the fashion industry as a designer. I make cyber/rave/alternative clothing & accessories for a company called "PLUR Fashion" (I own it & I run it). I will say that I LOVE my job because I am my own boss, I make my own money, and I get to do whatever I want with whatever money I make from sales. =) I am also a full -time homemaker, which is my favorite "job" of all because I love being able to spend most of my time with my family. :D :D :D Yay for fashion!!! Yay for money!!! :D :D :D
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20 Apr 2009, 12:30
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Currently I'm a college student.

I have a side-job online.

I work for the kgb_.

If you don't know what the kgb_ is, go Google it, because I'm not going to tell you.
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2 May 2009, 23:38
Sunlight Silence
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I'm a Master's student getting my degree in Genetic Counseling! I say I'm already a Genetic Counselor, because I am. We have clinic rotations half the week in which we do the entire job, we just don't get paid for it yet :lol:. I graduate in just a couple weeks and then I really will be a full-blown GC.

I'm in the area of Cancer Genetics and absolutely love it. I honestly can say that there is NOTHING that I don't like with this job. It's amazing and I get a ton of job satisfaction out of it. It's never boring, never mundane or repetitive. I have fun going to work every day.
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15 Apr 2009, 00:10
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I am an Assistant Manger at a Italian gelato cafe.

The best part is that its small but we have a lot of wonderful customers. Most of them are very nice and regulars. I also like it because it helps me understand running a small business which I want to do someday. My own store would be a dream.

The cons: The owner, lol. He is an idiot and doesn't know his own business.
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15 Apr 2009, 18:25
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What kind of business do you want to run?
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16 Apr 2009, 03:29
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I worked for a guy like that before. It's so frustrating when you're running the business for him and then you're gone a couple days and it's all haywire when you come back! lol
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15 Apr 2009, 00:26
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I am an insurance biller/patient accounting representative for a hospital. I will have been there a year on the 21st of this month.

My favorite part of my job is some of the people I work with. A couple of us really do have a great time together and they make it worth being there. I like that it's a steady 8:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday job and that it has great benefits, and that it's something that I am GOOD at. I can exercise my computer, phone, and social skills.

My LEAST favorite part of my job is the other people I work with that have the "higher than thou" attitude. Some act like that just because I'm the girl who answers the phones, I'm merely a secretary, which just ISN'T the case and they ALL should know this. My boss, enough said. Apart from that, it's the rude people that chew me up one side and down the other because of something their INSURANCE company did, not us. I also dislike that since billing is the LAST department one deals with in a hospital experience, we get cussed out for ANYTHING that happened during said experience. Whether it be registration, the nurse, the doctor, or the stupid guy with a frown walking down the hall, WE get to hear about it like it was our fault such a thing happened. Not only do we get to HEAR about it, we get to apologize excessively for other peoples actions as well.

Wow, the cons outweigh the pros there, eh? Another job? Ah, yes, college is in my near future.
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15 Apr 2009, 00:56
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Your department sounds like the lost and found luggage department at the airport. I feel sorry for those who have to work there, haha. I can understand why they would take it out on you, at that point they are frustrated as hell. On the other hand, they should stop and realize that its not your fault.
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15 Apr 2009, 01:06
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LOL! I think the lost and found luggage department at the airport just MIGHT be worse :P. Thats a perspective I've never thought of! Haha.
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15 Apr 2009, 06:44
Jessica [Private]
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You know my job is the EXACT same way.

Only I keep getting pay cuts, and they make me do a job that everyone but me gets paid like four more bucks an hour to do.
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15 Apr 2009, 00:28
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I am a community organizer I've been this for 7 years and at my current organization for 9 months

My favorite part of my job is the protests and meeting with big time politicians

my least favorite part is the hours and the 500 phone calls i have to make to get 100 people to a protest
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15 Apr 2009, 01:04
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So cool ;-D
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15 Apr 2009, 00:50
something amazing.
Post Count: 105
I'm a nanny for a now 9 month old boy. I started watching him when he was 6 weeks.The best part of my job is I get to spend my day hanging out with a cute little baby. He is also the best birth control. I don't want kids ever sometimes! lol. The worst part of my job is waking up so early. That's about it. I absolutely love my job other than that.
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15 Apr 2009, 00:59
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Children are not my specialty. I tend to treat kids like animals, haha. I don't think I will ever be ready to have my own kids. I think once I have my own, I'll like them but just mine probably.
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15 Apr 2009, 01:15
something amazing.
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I love the munchkin, I really do. He does make me realize that I'm so NOT ready to be a mom. Most people think, "Oh, you have a baby and you can continue with life". Hahaha no! Seriously, I have to work an entire schedule around one little person. I'm also the housekeeper and sometimes I can't get anything done during the day because he is being clingy or won't nap or is sleeping and I can't make too much noise... it's exhausting and I'm too selfish to do it. There are days where I text my fiance and tell him we're never having kids. lol.
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15 Apr 2009, 01:06
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Right now i'm an office assistant in our school's student union. I file paperwork and process permits to allow people post flyers and stuff up on campus. I've been doing that for two years now! Best part about my job is the fact that I get to do homework! Worst part about my job is my boss who is catholic and very conservative and likes to tell me all about her political and religious beliefs.

BUT! I just got promoted to Event and Office manager so now I get to be the manager at events like concerts or weddings and get paid for it! So coooool!
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15 Apr 2009, 01:22
annababe • •
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I work at Cabela's. I've been there about a month. I love it because I've met some awesome people. I don't like it because I wish I could be full time.

I also work at Sears Grand. I've been there almost 3 years. I like it because I'm pretty close to most of the other associates. I hate it because I get no hours anymore. Damn economy.

Lastly, I'm a babysitter/nanny. I've been with the same family for almost 3 years and I'm currently living with them. I love it because the kids have known me basically their whole lives and I love them to death. I don't like it because some days are complete chaos!!
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15 Apr 2009, 01:26
King Phantom
Post Count: 34
I work at Wal-Mart (choke). I like it because it's easy and the managers give me whatever I want because I actually do my job, and I have a straight, easy shot at assistant manager, if I choose to do so.

My least favorite things about it: I could make more money at a Freddy's or Burger King, and I have to put up with idiots who think that just because they've worked there for 10 years that they know more than me. And they don't. But, yeah.
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