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Real fun idea for EVERYONE on bloop
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15 Mar 2009, 19:30
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For those of us on bloop that are older, you might remember the adventure books where you chose a way to go, and your choice would either lead you further into the story, or closer to certain death.

What im thinking is that, someone starts out the story with a diary post that starts the beginning of the story. They can write however much or little that they want. At the end of their post, they assign 2 people to write two different continuations of the story, and when those 2 people finish their post, their names are replaces with generic links saying "Continue ...." And it gives a short description of where the other persons story might lead them.

But you may be asking yourself, what if they both choose to end the story there? Well, there will be a rule, that a story ending can only be written every 5 posters. Each person will be told in a PM what number they are, without posting it on their diary, so it remains a secret who's going to be writing an ending, and who's going to be just another post. You can even have your post link back to another persons post, as a way to reset the person, and they might end up choosing different paths throughout the storyline.

What do you guys think? Its something that would take time to really get up and running, but i think after a while, its something that the whole community can look back on and say "Hey, i was apart of that."
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16 Mar 2009, 12:24
lithium layouts.
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Hehe I'd be so in. xD
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15 Mar 2009, 19:32
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First person to post, that wants to start it, can start it. :P
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15 Mar 2009, 23:33
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dude, i had this idea a looooooong time ago, I called it a "rolling story" I'll start it off!
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16 Mar 2009, 21:41
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Make sure you leave a link in the topic for it.
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16 Mar 2009, 12:43
♥ Pear
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This actually sounds like an awesome idea.
My brother used to have books like that.
I always wanted to read both parts!
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16 Mar 2009, 13:27
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Nice idea. Hope it works.
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