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senior prank suggestions????
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26 Apr 2010, 15:10
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26 Apr 2010, 14:57
& skull.
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the year above us tied the principle to a chair as a joke for a photo, then left him there. there was also a nudie run through a year seven [those would be 13 year old's] softball game. someone also decided to fill a water gun with bleach and shot another student in the eye 8| in our year level they arranged for us to spend the day at the beach and have a water fight on school property and if we did anything else at all we'd be expelled and unable to do exams at the school. so that was fun.

also, don't write on cars with toothpaste. it corrodes the paint and the message will stay there and you'll pay for the damages. that's a lesson my dad learned. my mum put glad wrap [uh, cling wrap? that clear plastic food wrap stuff] on the teachers toilets.
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27 Apr 2010, 03:49
Jessica [Private]
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Bologna has the same effect.

Giant polka dots on cars is amusing though.
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30 Apr 2010, 23:15
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As does shaving cream.
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26 Apr 2010, 15:49
HorrorVixen XO
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our h.s mascot was a panther. so one time for a senior prank, everything that had a panther on it was painted pink. a bright pink!!
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27 Apr 2010, 00:42
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We got all the year 12 students to hide in these bushes near the end of the day next to the school football oval and waited for school to be over. When all the kids came out to go home we went Braveheart on their ass and got them all with waterbombs and water color paint. It was hilarious coz there was some dude dressed in a smurf suit pushing kids around.
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28 Apr 2010, 00:03
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I only remember one senior prank at my high school when I one of the lower grades. They were trying to ban senior pranks just much criminal damage was being done and it was getting way out of control. But this was sort of tame...not really a big deal (although I think it sent most teachers into a state of panic) the seniors stole all the clocks...and I mean ALL the clocks from EVERY room. I'm not sure if they hid them somewhere...although that would have been a lot of clocks. But yeh...they took them and hid them.

We had a United Nations mock-up during one ended with "terrorists" coming in a holding us all hostage or something..(someone switched off the lights...meant a bomb went off and we were all dead -HURRAH!) anyway, that gave my grade an idea to do dress up in all black with water guns and stage a terrorist attack for our senior prank. That was shortly cancelled....VERY QUICKLY ...just because of the World Trade Centre attack. We felt it wouldn't be appropriate to do something like that. I mean - it was a while until our prank - but we still felt that it wouldnt be a wise idea...we could have got into a lot of trouble for it (even if we are in Australia)
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30 Apr 2010, 20:12
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Our actual senior prank was extremely lame (we couldn't care less, most of us just wanted to graduate) but a senior class a few years above me bought over a hundred alarm clocks and then set them all over the school to go off at various times during one day. They told the teachers and anyone involved in administration that none of them were allowed to go looking for the alarm clocks and that it was up to the cleaning staff and so forth to find the source of the noise. I know this sounds awful, but attached to each alarm clock was a really nice gift (like good perfume, really nice ties, electrical stuff like cd players, cds and so forth) and it was a way for the senior class to thank all of the ones who we barely saw, for all they did for them while they were in high school.
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30 Apr 2010, 23:03
jessi bear(:
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my senior year, our senior cookout was the same day that the eighth graders came over to the high school for orientation, so we all went and bought all the water balloons we could, split up to several different houses to fill them up, and waited in the parking lot. when the eighth graders came out to walk back to the junior high, we got them pretty good :)). we also got all the students who were oblivious enough to NOT know and come out the back door. the school called the cops on us though and we had to run, but it was a blast ;D
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