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6 Dec 2009, 14:26
LADY, Iniibig Ko
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I was born up north and never had Moonshine until recently. It is now legally sold here in North Carolina, though I suspect it is a tamer version than those I have heard tales of. I noticed that it effects both me and my boyfriend, (who has drank moonshine many times) as an aphrodisiac. I have searched online and have found no information regarding this topic. So I was wondering if anyone here on Bloop has experienced the same effects from this liquor? Is this a common side effect to drinking Moonshine?
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6 Dec 2009, 14:36
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Never had any before. *shrugs*
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7 Dec 2009, 05:02
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My family were moonshiners. I had my first taste of moonshine very early in life. It's never made me feel that way.
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8 Dec 2009, 03:03
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I'm with you there. I was really very wayyyy too young to have my first taste of moonshine when I did, but such is the life of a moonshiners daughter..granddaughter..niece... lol. Anyway, it doesn't act as an aphrodisiac to me either... it'll knock you flat out faster than anything else if made properly, though ;).
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8 Dec 2009, 15:25
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8 Dec 2009, 03:38
Eat Yellow Snow
Post Count: 216
Moonshine is nasty!
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9 Dec 2009, 09:45
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The only time I ever had it was at this huge party I went to a few years ago...and I was too chicken to drink it straight, but I had some of the watermelon that they plugged with it. Potent stuff, but it didn't really make me want to hump anything. Haha.
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6 Dec 2009, 14:47
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i don't know what they make it out of. not sure if it's commonplace in aus either.
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6 Dec 2009, 18:41
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Never heard of it. :P
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7 Dec 2009, 01:40
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
I've heard of it.. but I've never tired it. I live in california, I know moonshine is a southern thing. I'm down to try it tho! LOL
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10 Dec 2009, 07:16
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
Actually, Moonshining started in the hills of West Virginia and Appalachia during the coal mining boom. Best Shine STILL comes from there in fact.
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7 Dec 2009, 11:21
.Blue Bella.
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I'm with you on that!
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7 Dec 2009, 16:21
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It is the equivalent of our chavs drinking white lightning!
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8 Dec 2009, 07:18
Post Count: 2651
Classy then! ;D
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7 Dec 2009, 01:49
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Only moonshine I've had.. I was like 16 and desperate and..well I gagged after a sip. So.. I dunno bout all that.. I do know that there is a such thing as a REALLY bad moonshine.. like most homemade moonshine = bad unless you know what you are doing..
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7 Dec 2009, 03:20
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I've never tried it, but I remember my grandpa having it in jars of it at his house. I was really young like 7 years old, so I obviously never drank it lol. I remember him telling me not to drink it or it will make me blind lol. ;D
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7 Dec 2009, 14:13
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I've never drank it-but my husband has. As for putting someone 'in the mood' it usually puts you flat on your ass! haha.
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9 Dec 2009, 13:43
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
Never had moonshine, but any alcohol in generally usually puts me in the mood ;D.
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9 Dec 2009, 22:15
Catch May If You Can
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alcohol doesn't increase one's sex drive, it just lowers inhibitions, and i don't think there is anything in moonshine that would make you hornier
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9 Dec 2009, 22:46
Post Count: 492
Moonshine doesn't sound good at all. I can imagine it tasting too overbearing.
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