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A Rose Isn't a Rose Without It's Thorns
by ćara

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[Story] UntittledPrince II


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12in12-2011 & Writers Workshop[Private]

[WARNING: This story may containe M/M if you find this ofessive don't read & in later chapters/ segments there might be some naughtyness.
Right now it's just PG-13]

     I remember when Gran, took me on one of his trips, I got to see the sea filled with blue-green waters that are so clear that you could see the living things that swam beneath it. I thought I saw a mermaid and the Captain Soho, laughed at me, “There an’t no mer-r ma-id-e in these waters. Foolish child” I was puffed up my face and stuck out my tong and slammed my, heal into his boot sending the Captain howling and cursing. I was quick even then and Captain Soho couldn’t catch me. It was the first time I ever saw a dragon. A fire breathing dragon, there were a whole bunch of them big as the sky and so small that it could fit the size a four year olds hand, and one choose me. She was a baby dragon and she was already big but Gran told me that she’ll be out grow them all and be the queen of dragons. I was most happy then expressly when she let me ride her. I could see everything and far as end of the world and beyond. She was loving and she cried when I had to leave. But at the end I somehow knew her name without even asking. Nymeria, it was so fitting of her and her eye’s glowed blue when I had to leave. I didn’t want to and Gran said he had come here for what he needed and to check up on the dragons. “I promise my young prince we’ll be back here again.” My chest had felt heavy as I was on Captain Soho’s ship.
     “Edric! Edric!” yelled Master VanPool as he pulled me back to the boring lesion on the history of our land and he was explaining about some stupid war.
     “Sorry Master VanPool.”
     “Where is your head boy?”
     “The Ile of the Dragons” I answered honestly.
     “There are no such thing as Dragons.”
     I sighed, we went through this while back when I went on the trip with Gran and I came back with how I saw real dragons and Master VanPool instantly tried to put that out of my head thinking that it was just a young boys imagination. “You don’t know everything.”
     “I never said I did.” VanPool retorted.
     “Can we get on with the lession?” said Kevan bit annoyed “You are slowing us down with your daydreaming. What would your future wife think that you don’t take your lesions seriously?”
     I rolled my eyes, Kevan, is continuing his “lesions” along with me it’s my fathers and Kavan’s fathers rules. We ignore each other during those times. But I still could feel him next. I fight not to look at him and I keep my eyes on Master VanPool the only good looking thing about him is his emerald eyes. The rest looks like some wolf chewed up his face and threw it up. Father told me that he was born like that and his parents didn’t want him because he was so ugly that they sent him off to be a master. I later found out that his soft hearted grandmother convicted his parents to send him there instead of killing him. They thought he was the devil’s spawn. I didn’t hold his looks against him like his parents he a good Master and kind.
Later, was sword fighting the martial arts training will pick up next week. Sensei had to go home for an emergency.  When I was sword fighting it was usually with Cole and when he was made to leave and then died any servants, knights, and squires were not a match for me or wasn’t really fighting with me. My sword’s master wants me to fight others than himself and Cole was experienced and well matched. I found myself staring at my new opponent, Kevan.
Kevan’s eyes changed to a dark wood brown as he stood in stance ready to duel. I was almost taken aback, even his face hard and cold he still looked handsome. We were to wait for the clock to strike the hour ten. Master at arms told us. I kept my eye on him even if I didn’t go in to a stance like Kevan but I was in a position where it would be hard to strike a vital organ. My sword, in my hand but down I’m quick and I can block just about everything. I do have a lot to learn I’m always learning and I found out in any art of fighting you are always learning even when you’re an old blind man.
Ding…. Ding…. Ding… the bell tower tolled three times my eyes and body watched Kevan as he moved about calculating his move. It was only about a half a second when I felt his move and I could hear the crunch metal against metal. I could feel his strength making his hits feel heavy. I blocked all of his attacks and I even yawned as if bored thus angering him. I started attacking back thus making our duel more exciting. Kevan blocked my every move as well but I did nip his clothing near his shoulder.
That pissed him off his attacks seem to get heavier and I thought my wrist was going to break at any moment. I kept blocking everything looking for a moment where I could move in close and win this duel. I had to quickly swhich hands to my right and stronger hand as his blows seemed to be killing my left arm and I thought my wrist was broken.
“Swiching hands in middle of a fight? Have you finally met your match Prince Edric?” Kevan said thinking that my right hand to be my weak hand.
I only smirked at him not saying a word. I saw my chance to win and I went at it full force. All you heard was the scraping of steel and perhaps there were some sparks flying as I made my move. I stepped in close my face close to his before I turned around making his our swords above our heads and I ended up behind him making his arm backward as I pushed down hard on his sword. I removed so that I pushed up his sward and usually that made the other opponents sword fly from their hands. Thus didn’t work with Kevan. He gave me a “good try” smile and came at me full force. I fought back just as hard.
“Enough!” Yelled the master at arms and three knights each hand to pull us apart, as the master at arms yelled again “Enough!” I was out of breath as I looked at Kevan he too look to be out of breath himself and suddenly felt myself falling in love with him more someone who, “Edric, it looks like you’ve meet your match.” Master at arms said approvingly. “This will be good for you to learn. I cannot wait to see who would win.” 
We were to shake hands afterwards we stared at each other for a few beats before I gave in because I was getting angry looks from Master at arms. I extended my hand and Kevan stared at for a moment and took it his grip intended to hurt mine. “I was close to beating you if it weren’t for that interruption” His voice full of steel.
I laughed, “You wish.”
“We shall see then.”
I just looked at his cold dark eyes and I just smiled, “We shall” I watched him walk away back into the castle but I turned away heading to the river that runs through the grounds and almost up to the castle. I closed my eyes angry at myself I told myself that I would get over him that I ask if we could just be friends again and he had to match me in dueling and I had to fall for him harder. I held the threatening tears chanting, “Future kings don’t cry” Under my breath. “I can get over him, I will get over him, and I have to get over him.” I opened my eyes to my throbbing left wrist. I held it in my hand his hissed. I wonder if he broke it and I bit my lower lip as I tried to move it.
“You should get that checked” Kevan said with a hit of pride.
“I’m fine” I snapped and I looked over at him, his hand was I cut him close to the end of our duel bandaged up. “I got you as well if were boasting on who injured who worse.” I spoke as if it were stupid. “I’m not playing that childish game.”
Kevan looked amused and I wanted to kiss it off of him so I turned away from him and continued my walk to the river.  I watched it flow fast as if it were in a rush to go somewhere. I wished that I could flow down with it and get away from everything and perhaps I could get over Kevan. “Catelyn is married to Sir. Robert Tully, any hopes of marring her should die now.” I said suddenly but before he could reply, “If you want I can find someone, or help you find a lovely maiden.” I turned to him he was looking at the woods just ahead. “You can choose who you want to marry. I cannot. I have to marry a women my father picks but I can help you find someone suitable for you.”
“I don’t need a mach maker. I can find my own women on my own thank you.” Said Kevan
“But I want to help we can look for one together.”
“Why do you want to help me find women?” Kevan looked at me his face back to its softness and his eyes back to his beautiful golden brown.
“Because I want to.”
“Because you want to get over me?” Kevan said boldly.
“Because I want to see you happy.” My voice was quiet and I wasn’t sure if he heard me.
“You deserve to be happy. Perhaps you love your queen or find someone in secret to love you back.”
I gave him a sad smile, “Love isn’t for me. Maybe I would find someone to love me back the type I prefer but it wouldn’t be fair because I will not love again. I refuse love, I will not love.” I said passionately.   
“No love at all?” Kevan looked sad, “Don’t…”
“It’s not you.” I quickly said. I swallowed the knot that was in the back of my throat.
“Then why give up on love?” Kevan asked looking troubled.
“Love, of another women, or man. Perhaps when I have children I’ll love in that way. I still love my family and close friends but I will not be in love because that’s not for me.”
“Of course it is.” Kevan said as he was about to put a caring hand hold my shoulder.
I quickly moved away from him before he could touch me I felt my vision blur, “No, Love isn’t for me! I faced the truth. I will never love I will not!” I turned away and hurriedly walked away. 
     Nights are bitter cold, as the weather is changing. I hate nights at this time of the season. Even the fire that was dancing in the fire place didn’t warm me and the many blankets. It will get worse as winter shows his full force. I hate the cold and the winter all the more. I found it hard to get to sleep at night and I burry myself under the covers more. It’s a struggle but I eventually sleep and I wake up shivering with the fire died out.
     When I woke the next morning I felt warm and toasty even with the fire out. It felt as if someone slept with me during the night and I suddenly thought of Kevan but I growled knowing hoping for it to be someone is useless. It could be anyone man or women. I sniffed where I would think someone would lie with me and I only smelled myself but a faint smell of wood and behind my eyes I saw Kevan again. I shook my head angry with myself for thinking of him a second time for hoping false hope.
     “Princess Sansa will be delayed and will be arriving tomorrow.” Said my father.
     “Why the delay?”
“Everyone is alright but a black bear had attacked doing some damage which will hold them back another day.” My father said
“I’m glad everyone is alright.” I replied genuine concern. 
“Your mother has asked for you.” Said father before he left.
I headed towards my mother’s wing. It’s called, East Wing and the whole side is hers. I haven’t seen Kevan as of yet not even at breakfast. It doesn’t matter to me if he sleeps in or perhaps he has other dudies. I think I heard there is a Knight, guard meeting or something like that. I really don’t listen to their talk. I walked passed my great, great, grandfather armor his vast shield, and massive sword that is still too heavy for me to hold. It was made of gold and ivory, the armor that is and on the top of the sword is sapphire diamonds that when the morning sun his it, it casts fragmented lights.
“Ah, there you are my luv.” My mother said cheerfully. “come, sit and have some fruit with me.” 
I sat down with her as she handed me some pares glazed with honey. I was also handed grapes with cheese and dates. I ate dates but my mother makes me eat them. She gave me a look as I was sneaking my dates on another plate.
“Dates are good for you. Eat up.”
“Yes mother” I said making a face at them. We talked lightly and I told her about all the things that have been going on since she’s been too tired to come out of her rooms. She has no choice when Princess Sansa and her party come.
“What is this I hear about that love isn’t for you?” My mother interrupted.
“What?” I was taken aback.
“I have eyes and ears everywhere my sweet. Tell mamma, why you given up on love so?”
“Because the love I want is forbidden for a future King. The only thing I get is an arrange marriage to a women I will never love.” I liked my fingers getting the sticky honey off of them then continued, “Women are lovely yes but I like men as a man loves a women. I was stupid to love someone who will never love me back and even if I could find someone to love me the way I love him I won’t love that person back. I can’t.” I was quiet and I focused on the fruit in front of me.
“Sweety I know you have to fulfill your duty as future king and marry a woman you don’t love and to make a hare (sp?). But you can have whom you prefer on the side.” My mother said she looked at me as if to convince me.
“I will not love another or anyone the way.” I persisted.
My mother frowned, “He doesn’t love you the way you love him?”
Hearing it from someone else was different from knowing it. “What of it” I snapped at her. I stopped eating and looked away.
“Don’t let that stop you from loving someone else.”
“I don’t want to love someone else, I don’t want anyone if I can’t have him. I love him, I love him!” I said angry and my vision blurry.
“Edric Honey,-“
“Don’t mother! I don’t’ want to talk about it.” I turned away from her. Whipping my cheek.
“Arlight” she said softly and smoothingly, “We won’t talk about it for now.” She was quite for a moment then said, “I haven’t seen you this upset the time you and Cole argued and switched guards for a year when you were eight.”
I had my face in my hands by then.
“I think it was before your 13th birthday when things went back to they were before. But I remembered after that horrible fight how you apologized and kept showing how sorry you were for two weeks and when he switched on you. You bugged him for two days before he told you got get lost and that he’ll never guard you again.” My mother then started to nibble on some cheese as she as she went on, “You sobbed in front of him and cried harder when he insulted you but you kept saying come back you don’t mean it and me and your father had to remove you and carry you away.”
I was trying to hold it together listing to my mom re tell the past.
“No matter what anyone did you wouldn’t leave your room for days. Until your father ordered you out. You tried to fallow Cole around and he ignored you and did this for a long while until that day I asked for you.” She smiled “you let out such anger and said how unfair he was being, how sorry you are and how much you miss him. After that you were so quiet around everyone and only spoke when spoken to.”
“When Cole guarded you again you thought you would go back to being friends again. But he would have none of that and you look so sad and dejected.” She smiled “But slowly you two became friends again but I think ever since then you never cried once you held everything inside after that.”   
Until now, I thought. “A future king doesn’t cry.” I replied as I tried my cheeks and rubbed my eyes.
“I don’t want my son to give up on love.” I felt her hand playing with my hair. “Please.” She pulled me towards her hugging me tightly. “Don’t you ever give up on love.”
“I’ll try mamma, I’ll try.”


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my opinions on this part are the same as the last entry with spell checking and sentence structuring. Good continuation.

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