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A Rose Isn't a Rose Without It's Thorns
by ćara

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[Story] UntittlePrince 1


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12in12-2011 & Writers Workshop[Private]

[WARNING: This story may containe M/M if you find this ofessive don't read & in later chapters/ segments there might be some naughtyness.
Right now it's just PG-13]

My life is full of duties; the first and most important is the “lesions” to be the next King. Than along with that other boring lessons, history, literature and arithmetic, and other subject my father thought best I learn. The second most important is Archery, sword fighting and suggested by my mother other worldly fighting techniques. I was trained to hold the sward and fire a bow since I could walk and physical endurance. I was told when I was about three my mother ordered that I learn martial arts secretly. Since then I went through twenty masters and now I have a Sensei (twenty-one masters). I learned different styles and technique. My mother is half bread in which she keeps secret.  The third and not least important thing is sorcery. I came of age at thirteen and is taught by my grandfather. Those lesions I like just as much as my fighting training. Not only dose Gran tell me stories I get to learn amazing magic. With my new Sensei and Gran they’ve been combining the two.
As of late everything seems to be overwhelming. Father been very demanding and mother is with child it is said I to be having a little sister. It’s all about picking names and father thinking which princesses I should marry and which “alliance” would best fit peace in the realm. No one has asked me of what I wanted. My only escape is when I got in disguise in to the city and nearby town. It is easy for me to get past the guards and go beyond the castle walls and explore and to get to know my people, how they feel, hear their concerns and worries. With his knowledge I’ll surpass my father as King and perhaps they will sing songs about me. I can change my name from Prince Edric, to Jack Eyre. Jack Eyre is just as famous as my real name. Jack Eyre can be exploring where Prince Edric can’t expressly the Inn just outside of the city where just about everyone goes to, and his friends retire form days work.
“Aye, It’s been a fort night since we seen ya Jack we were afraid Clayton scared yer off.” Said one of the patrons whom was a regular in the bar and most likely retired with a whore one of the rooms the Inn hosted.
Grinning I said “Clayton is still probably hanging by his feet where I lift him.” Clayton was annoying pumps brute who thought he could out smart me. The man was swimming in drunkenness thought it overly funny. 
I moved on finding one of my friends in the back Jaime and with him was someone whom I haven’t seen in three months. The one and only friend I was going to tell whom I really was before he left suddenly.
“Look who I found on Crow’s Road” Jaime said grinning. His black hair fell over his black eyes and turned his clef chin towards our friend he didn’t wait for me to replay, “Kevan Blackwater.”
I looked over at the soft golden brown eyes of a wolf’s and his exotic skin color I had forgotten how the women fawned over him how handsomely beautiful he was and that the women he chooses will be a lucky lady. I was going to say “where the hell have you been” instead “Welcome back” Giving him a welcoming smile.
“We thought you ran off and gotten married wit-out us” joked Jaime.
“A guy like him won’t have trouble finding a beautiful maiden” I added with a wink.
I looked down at the Ale that was put down in front of us. At least he can choose, I cannot and if I could choose I’d
“Kevan!” screeched Cersei “You never told me you were back in town” she slipped herself in his lap.
Kevan gently pushed her off his lap, “I just got back.”
“Yeah, and married sweetling” Jaime cut in saving Kevan from the banshee of whores.
“Where’s your lady wife then?” Cersei asked suspicious.
“Home waiting for her parents to arrive” Kevan came up with lamely.
“Oh stop being so modest Kevan, don’t you know Cersei he married the Prince Edric’s cousin” Boasted Jaime having fun with the lie.
I chocked on my ale. Cersei scoffed when she learned Kevan was “married to a high born” Laughing and lifting his drink, “If I’ve known it was that simple to rid of her I would have done so ages ago.”
We clunked our mugs “who knew she was so dense.” I replied.
“She got shit for brains” added Jaime and the three of us laughed. 
Much later pretending that I was drunk I found myself out side near Lake Dreary I was alone for a moment leaving Jaime and Kevan back at the Inn’s bar. I sat on a rock watching the sun set on the other side of the lake making it look like it was on fire. I heard footsteps behind me trying to be quiet.  I turned and it was Kevan the exotic, Kevan who I love. I gave him a fake drunken smile.  He sat nearby me looking out at the fiery lake. Under the setting sun he looked even more exotic and his eyes glowed like a wolf’s would in the time of day. I looked at the lake before he could notice me staring.  He most kind, noble, honest and good friend an all of my friends or should I say Jack Eyre’s friends the only true friend he’s the one you could trust that’s got your back.
“Ke-vv-aaan” I said in my face drunk talk. Kevan gave me one of his looks, “Where did you go?” I asked
“My Uncle Cole Blackwater died, I was home.” Kevan answered honestly.
I looked away for a moment, I wonder if he was talking about the same Cole Blackwater who was my personal guard. Whom was sent home instantly we found out that he had some type of plague. Highly contagious we burned everything that was his and his corroders are locked. Just about the time Kevan despaired that’s when we got a black raven that carried dark words of Cole passing. “I’m sorry.”
Shaking his head, “It’s for the best, he was very sick.”
I suddenly gave him my “drunken’ smile” “Did you get married too?”
He laughed sending my heart pounding, “No. I don’t even know Prince Edric’s cousin name is. ”
“Catelyn, I heard her name is Catelyn.”
Kevan gave me a doubtful look and I shrugged and I almost gave away who I really was. I walked over to him and faked a drunken fall and put an arm around him.   “Sorry about your Uncle but at least he’s in a better place and perhaps you’ll find your lovely maiden.” I had looked in to those eyes that were so close and I could actually see flecks of gold throughout and I was memorized. I didn’t quite hear what he said but before I knew it my lips were on his the felt, surprisingly soft for a man. My heart was pounding in my ears and he smelled like musky earth and burnt wood.
I found myself on the ground and I looked up at an angry or disgusted or surprised maybe annoyed perhaps all of the above. “What the hell!” I heard Kevan hiss my ass hurt from hitting the ground hard and I was back to reality and my chest hurt and it was hard to breath for a moment like he punch me in the gut. “What, who, why?” I just looked at Kevan and I watched him stand and sit and then he sighed after he sat again. “You’re drunk; I’ll just forget that his ever happened.”
I stood and turned away then, how could I be so stupid, what was I thinking! But, I couldn’t help for what I said next I may not have been drunk by drink but must have been drunk on him. “I’m sorry.” I felt his eyes staring at my back I didn’t turn around, “I’m sorry, that I’m in love with you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry” I swallowed my emotions and waited.
“I don’t know what to say Jack” It’s Prince Edric “I can’t say I feel the same way.”
I couldn’t hear any more of it I turned around, “Forget this even happened, I never said anything. Hell I’m drunk, I’ll forget this even happened.”  I had to walk past him to leave and I started walking away.
“Jack…” I felt him grab my arm. “Don’t cry.”
I turned to him my eyes clear as Lake Dreary, “Do you see tears” I snapped angrily sounding more like my true self when I’m angry or upset. “You’ll need tears, how could I cry or someone like you? You are just a drunken dream” and I pulled my arm from his grip. I walked quickly away from him and I heard him say.
“Jack, I know you’re not drunk” and I so badly wanted to yell MY NAME IS PRINCE EDRIC!
Two days passed since then and I haven’t gone out either. My father said that he had deiced on the right princess for me to marry and Princess Sansa and she’ll be arriving in the next few days. It was also the same day my father asked me to say after he told me I’d be marring.
“We’ve found you a hopefully a suitable guard, it’s about time you had one I’m sure you’ll like him just as much as Cole.”
“No one would be like Cole” I replied
“Yes, Cole was one of a kind but, this one would be a good… match”
I thought it funny of his choice of words, I wasn’t sure if I could find another companion, Cole was not only my personal guard but my friend and he’s the only other person I confided in besides my grandfather he was also fighting partner and since his passing any pore soul who was against me was hurt or too scared to fight against me.
“Edric meet your new personal guard, Kevan Blackwater Cole’s nephew.”  My father brought forth the one person I wanted to forget and was doomed to love the one who would never love me back. My throat got caught in my mouth and for a moment I couldn’t speak.
“I hope the two of you become companions, and Hopefully Edric, he could be your friend like Cole was.” My father went on. 
I recovered and painted a poker face across my features and I pretended I’ve never meet Kevan never let on that he knew who I was or that he even recognized me as Jack Eyre.  We nodded as courtesy at each other.
“I’ll let you to get acquainted; you two must have more in common since you are around the same age.” And my father left us alone I almost wanted to stop him from leaving. I watched my father leave before I turned back to Kevan.
Kevan didn’t Play he went right to it, “So when were you going to tell me who you really were before or after?”
“I was going to tell you the truth, before you left without telling Jaime, Leon, and I.”
“Am I supposed to believe that?” He looked angry and betrayed.
“Believe what you will” I said as Prince Edric.
His lips tighten into a thin line often when he’s angry or upset with someone, “When will I meet your cousin, my bestrode?”  
I stopped at the threshold, “Next week at my wedding” I replied coolly and I walked angrily past Master VanPool. I assumed that he was going to show Kevan his corroders.
This is a draft

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RYC: Yes. I have no idea where it came from though


[Moonlight Shadows|0 likes] [|reply]

Ryc: Nope, I was talking about my sister. =/ So that is what made me a bit irritated!

[~ Wild One ~Star|0 likes] [|reply]

ok good story. Critiquing if you have spell check it would benefit you greatly and help with some of the spelling errors and the sentence structuring that needs fixing. If you cant get it done let me know and i can try and help you with that when i get to the library one of these days.
Sorry its taken me so long to catch up on your diary but better late than never

[JessbabyblueStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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