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Emerald~Lies's Diary
by Emerald~Lies

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Red Wedding


Well I feel emotionally drained today. Woke up early feeling the typical period pains, went to the toilet, low and behold, my period had started. I was actually devastated, I genuinely thought I might have been pregnant. Husband still slept and I dreaded him waking up and telling him that this was not our month. He was so excited too bless him, he genuinely thought I was too. I went downstairs to make him a cup of tea and when he came down I told him, through tears that I got my period, bang on when my app said I would. He hugged me and said that it was just our first month trying, it's not the be all and end all. I just felt like a failure, like my body denied itself a natural process. I apparently also ruined his 100% track record of knowing when a woman is pregnant .... 

I spoke to a friend and she said it took her and her husband months of trying to fall pregnant, and even the she fell when they just stopped trying. I feel like I've all ready failed my New Years resolution by being really hard on myself. Oh well guess me and the husband can have more fun trying this month. 

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